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TPS for Venezuelans

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Because of the terrible tragedy in Venezuela, motivated the implementation of a communist dictatorship, sponsored and controlled by the Communist regime of the Castro brothers in Cuba, and the migration impact this situation has caused on the thousands of Venezuelans fleeing and already in the United States without legal immigration status, I feel a moral need to submit the following application for TPS to the government of the United States today we received.

The Venezuelan community resident of the United States of America is made up of good people who love democracy and who have come to join this society with their work, effort and preparation, which makes them provide skilled labor, economic investment, job creation and talent level academic skills and contribute to American society. Today Venezuelans lovers of freedom we are forced to escape the anarchy, violence, lack of rule of law and the constant rape and shamelessly human rights of all those who do not commune with the communist dictatorship and defend democracy.

For generations, Venezuela Port served immigrants from all parts of the world from the European wars, World wars and the various dictatorships that once reproduced by the Americas, reached out and collaborated with friends to save the government from exile million migrant families. Today for the first time in history, we, Venezuelans, forced to migrate and seek help from all those governments who also believe in freedom and democracy and their societies have been formed by the infinite sum of races, cultures and creeds. Looking for that place, as you said President Obama, "where finally able to work, pray and grow in freedom." A country of immigrants where we must unite on the principles and values ​​that the founders of this country saw in that nation promising that one day July 4, 1776 was born under the light of candles and the stunning signature of his predecessors.

Introducing reasons

Below we highlight ten pleas we consider the most relevant to explain the destruction of the state of democracy in Venezuela to be replaced by a totalitarian communist regime that restricts all freedoms and punishes dissent and free thought:

01.-Disappearance of the rule of law and democracy sequestration under the absolute control of the communist dictatorship over all branches of government and the development and implementation of the new system and enabling laws under the tutelage of the Supreme Court (TSP) of Cuba, destroying democratic institutions from within to change the laws and constitution to the extent of the totalitarian regime.

02.-The use of the institutions of justice and the security of the state for the persecution, harassment and detention of any natural or legal person who dissents or jeopardize the interests of the communist dictatorship, including expropriation, closing and must buy of the media to silence freedom of press and opinion.

03.-Development and implementation of the electronic control system and citizen identification "SAIME". Including the development, management and control of identity cards, passports, driver's licenses, birth, death, marriage, finger print, REP and everything related to records and notaries to individuals and corporations by the government communist Cuba.

04.-Building listings, using "SAIME" natural and legal persons who disagree or have exercised the right to vote against the Communist dictatorship of harassment as a tool to limit the right to vote, employment, hiring, loans, permits, documents, salaries, benefits, pensions, health care, education, justice, foreign exchange allocation, free enterprise, consular and everything related to human rights.

05.-Handling the database "Permanent Electoral Register REP" through the use of "SAIME" to the absolute control of the election results in the presidential, parliamentary and regional elections in favor of dictatorship by the stipulations the right to vote but not the right to choose as a method of legitimizing the communist dictatorship.

06.-Creating and using armed groups called, Collective, for the prosecution, kidnapping, harassment and murder of anyone who dissents or jeopardize the interests of the dictatorship. In addition to serving as centers of communist ideological and military training to children, youth and adults living in the vicinity of the operation centers such groups.

07.-Mass killings of civilians by armed groups, criminals and security agencies of the state, with an average annual balance of 24,763 murders, of which 82% are children and young people aged between 15 and 30 years for a total of 79 murders per 100,000 inhabitants.

08.-Mass Murder of the prison population, supplies of munitions of war, and drug delivery control prisons offenders leaders (pranes) pertaining to the dictatorship with an average balance of 647 inmates killed in their own cells.

09.-The resignation and separation of Venezuela to all treaties, conventions and international organizations for the protection and respect of human rights.

10.-The use of state resources for insight, creation, delivery and financing of military weapons to terrorist groups, drug traffickers and governments sympathetic to the communist ideology to the destabilization of democratic government in the region.

TPS Application

Taking into consideration the above points, I respectfully request the honorable government of the United States of America, its president Barack Obama and his US House of Representatives  the opportunity that is given to the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who now live in these beautiful land, the possibility of having a TPS that allows them to legalize, for the period that you are fit to bestow their immigration status with all the benefits of this decision for both parties involved.

Made ​​this statement and request for TPS formal presentation, we await the decision of the honorable government of the United States of America, its president, Barack Obama and US House of Representatives. regarding this humanitarian aid out of darkness hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who today do not have, for the kidnapping of the democratic state to which belonged and that they forced him to escape with an immigration status consistent with the requirements of the laws of the nation and they need to move forward and continue to contribute to this society that welcomes them today.

Regards and thank you in advance for your positive response

Carlos E. Bauza / Venezuelan emigrant / Desde Mi Pantalla


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