Tampa Police Terrorize Citizens: Fire TPD Chief Brian Dugan, NOW

Tampa Police Terrorize Citizens: Fire TPD Chief Brian Dugan, NOW

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We need your help. Police abuses against Tampa citizens are wanton and unchecked. The body count is staggering. Pleas for investigations into police involved homicides are either woefully inadequate or ignored outright. 
26 year-old Jonas Joseph was murdered during a routine traffic stop on the evening of 4/28/20. A group of LEO’s surrounded Jonas’ car and fired 125 rounds into it, gangland style. Nearly 60 days after Jonas murder, activists demanded release of all available evidence. The following day, The Florida State Attorney in Tampa released “evidence” that was wildly contrary to TPD’s earlier narrative. 
Jonas’ family is suffering, and fear that they may never know the truth of what happened to their loved one. 
Jonas’ story is only one of many.  
Hundreds of Tampa families are overwhelmed with grief and terror. The body of evidence for Chief Dugan’s resignation is vast. It’s time to reallocate funding and turn the page on community terror. It’s time for new leadership and deliberate movement toward abolishing militarized law enforcement and the establishment of a multi-disciplinary public safety corps.

TPD Police Chief Brian Dugan misrepresents police interaction on national news:


Widespread TPD misconduct

“Tampa police officers accused of throwing away drugs, turning off body cameras

After reviewing 349 cases, TPD found 29 violations committed by a total of 10 of its officers.”



DOJ investigates then TPD Chief (now Tampa mayor) Jane Castor’s racist ticketing scheme