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Stop selling our kids automatic assault rifles!

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While shopping at a Costco in Portland yesterday, I saw a Christmas display with two Nerf brand assault rifles and it took my breath away. I was surprised the concept made it past all management levels at Nerf/Hasbro and equally shocked that Costco decided to carry them!

The Raptorstrike (pictured) and Mastodon are made for kids 8+, now with "motorized mega blasting" and a "precision strike set".  You can find them at, Toys R Us, K Mart, Walmart, Target, Costco and Fred Meyer. Thousands are bound to be sold this Christmas and end up in the hands of young boys all over the US. Those same boys who have become desensitized to hearing there was another school/mall/church shooting and are now able to play out these scenarios after school at the park with their "bolt-action blaster" and  "2 six-dart clips". 

Sadly mass shootings have become a weekly event. We can spend another 10 years arguing about the cause, or we can start making small changes and speaking up when we see things that just don't sit well with us. Making "toys" to be sold to kids that simulate the exact weapons used in most mass shootings is morally wrong. If you agree these toys should be pulled from shelves and that Nerf/Hasboro should take responsibility for the influence their toys have on our kids, please sign my petition!


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