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Take the Seaworld Dolphin Trainer Barbie off your shelves

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By selling a Barbie doll, one of a girl's most popular toy, representing a dolphin trainer is not only unethical, but shows lack of compassion on Toys "R" Us part.
When a dolphin is taken into captivity from the wild, or is born into captivity, more times than not, the family units are broken apart to ship dolphins to different marine parks around the country and even the world. For dolphins, this equates to cruel and unusual punishment as the dolphin society is very close and family-oriented, with babies and juveniles staying with their mothers their entire lives.
Keeping dolphins in concrete tanks also is cruel to these highly intelligent animals, as they use their echolocation to navigate and to find food in the wild, but in a tank they become disoriented and confused.
Dolphins are fed dead fish loaded with antibiotics, antacids, and other medications to help them survive longer in captivity, some are even said to be taking anti-depressants, but I can't confirm this with accuracy.
We, as parents, want to teach our children, both girls and boys, to be kind and caring to animals. They are often smaller, weaker, and can't stand up for themselves-quite like against a bully in school. I tell my 8 year old to always stand up to the class bully, and I tell her to stand up for the defense of the defenseless and give them a voice.
HERE ARE THEIR VOICES, AND THEY SPEAK WITH DETERMINATION AND CONVICTION. TAKE YOUR DOLPHIN TRAINER BARBIE FROM YOUR SHELVES. You had told a friend of mine a year ago that you show this doll to show the girls the opportunities they can be when they grow up. My answer to this would be "If I showed my daughter that she could grow up to be a serial killer? Does this make it right?" I would hazaard a guess that your answer might be 'Of course not'. Your sending this message to our young girls makes as much sense as my scenario posed to you does. Please remove your Dolphin Trainer Barbie from your shelves.

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