TOYOTA - Bring the HIACE to the USA - PLEASE

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We run about 750 Toyota Hiaces in Australia and NZ - They are incredibly reliable with very low running costs. We convert them to Campervans and they have a usable life of over 7 years. Easily racking up 600-700,000 Kms.

We now have about 150 Chevy Express Vans in the USA - They are not reliable. We chose them due to price and comparable size. Toyota is conceding market to the M-Benz Metriz and Sprinter.... Both 2 expensive and unreliable. Don't even talk about the Ford Transit.

The 'Chicken Tax' import obstacle is surmountable becuase the market for the Hiace in the states is huge, once commercial buyers understand the cost-benefits Toyota will easily recoup the investment. I mean what's the competition? None.

Do you own commercial vans in the states? - trust me you want this van. It's INDESTUCTIBLE

Do you want to halve your repair/maintenance bill and cut your downtime by 70%? - Trust me you want this van.

PLEASE TOYOTA - Wake UP!!!!!!!!!


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