Help Kazakhstan! Stop Russian intervention!

Help Kazakhstan! Stop Russian intervention!

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The demonstrations started in the west of Kazakhstan on Sunday, before spreading across the country.
They began when the government lifted the price cap on liquefied petroleum gas, which many people use to power their cars. Its price quickly doubled in a matter of days.

Protests are not only about fuel! This is a traditionally stable Central Asian state, which is often described as authoritarian. Until 2019 it was run by President Nursultan Nazarbayev, whose rule was marked by elements of a personality cult, with his statues erected across the country and a capital renamed after him.

President Kassym-Jopart Tokayev in a televised speech Wednesday said he had appealed to the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO), a security alliance of former Soviet countries dominated by Russia, to assist Kazakhstan with suppressing the protests which he claimed were being led by foreign terrorists.

The alliance has agreed to send a joint force of "peace-keepers" to Kazakhstan to help restore order, according to Armenia's prime minister, which is part of the alliance. Prime minister Nikol Pashinyan said the force would deploy to Kazakhstan for a "limited period," with the goal of "stabilizing and normalizing the situation in the country." The CSTO includes Russia, Armenia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan's two neighbors, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

The aggressive reaction people of Kazakstan it's just a consequence of corruption, nepotism, and injustice of the Kazakhstan Government. 

We are just trying to raise our voice, we were silent for the last 30 years!

We want to be heard!

All we want is peace and a future for our generation!

And we have all the right to choose our domestic problems ourselves! We don't want to face what Ukraine did! 


В Казахстане митинги за снижение цен на сжиженный газ переросли в массовые протесты по всей стране. Президент Касым-Жомарт Токаев принял отставку правительства под руководством Аскара Мамина. На всей территории страны введен режим чрезвычайного положения (ЧП).  Президент Токаев обратился за помощью к ОДКБ, назвав протестующих "террористами". 

Реакция народа спровоцирована кумовством, коррумпированностью и  несправедливости нынешней диктаторской власти! 

Нам не нужна война!

Мы хотим быть услышанными!

Но мы против чужеземцев на нашей территории! Мы в силах решать внутренние проблемы в стране без помощи извне! 





331 have signed. Let’s get to 500!