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Drop the broken contract charges against the family of Marisol Garcia!

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My sister Marisol Garcia had recently started leasing a Toyota that she was super excited about. She had the car for ONLY TWO WEEKS before she died. She was 25 years old. We returned the car immediately, with no damage. But because she was on a two-year plan, Toyota is charging our family $7,000+ for broken contract. It is messing up my stepmothers credit and she is now unable to re-finance her house. Even when we explained the situation to Toyota and offered to pay a smaller amount, they literally laughed at us over the phone! They are calling us all the time and threatening to sue us for the money. My family is dealing with the loss of my sister and now we have to face Toyota's threats!! TOYOTA: HOW CAN YOU THREATEN A FAMILY WHO HAS RECENTLY LOST THEIR DAUGHTER? Drop the charges against Irene Cuevas (her stepmother) in Oxnard and restore her good credit. Forgive the broken contract and let Marisol's family grieve in peace!!!! Our Toyota account number is 00080002612202360001.

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Daniela Garcia

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