Hey Toyota! Import the 257HP AWD GR Yaris to Canada!! and USA!!

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Toyota has announced an exciting new car - a 257HP 4WD version of the Yaris called the "GR Yaris" (GR standing for Gazoo Racing - the official race arm that also runs their Supra race team).

This car will be the basis for the next Toyota entry into the World Rally Championship.

The GR Yaris is what's called a "homologation special" - a production car that they need to sell to make it an eligible chassis to base their forthcoming race car on.

The Problem ?
Toyota are only planning on selling it in select European markets, depriving us of a LOT of fun.

Yeah - I know. That sucks. 

A small pocket rocket with 257HP and AWD make it the perfect year-round fun machine for Canada and the northern USA where winter covers 5 months of the year.

The Solution
Toyota has taken steps to revitalize their brand with the re-introduction of the new Supra. The problem is, the car is priced out of reach for a lot of the general population, and not the best choice as a year round vehicle in areas that have snow on the roads 5 months a year.

Send Toyota a message - sign this petition to tell them you want this sporty, fun and innovative car on our roadways! We want an affordable AWD fun car.