Toyo University, Hakusan campus to offer more plant-based/vegan options in its cafeteria

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   Every day we go to school we are forced to choose from animal products, although many of us are not meat eaters. And many students do not have access to healthy options in our campus' cafeterias. For these reasons, we are presenting you this petition as a demand to offer more plant-based/vegan dining options as a recognition of the non-meat eating community in our school and as an encouragement for the students to live a healthy university life. 

   When students cannot find a correct meal that satisfies their dietary choices they would automatically go to the convenience store and buy snacks, or other unhealthy meal alternatives. This leads to a decrease in focus and academic achievement. This effects can easily be avoided by offering more vegetable based meals that not only positively affect the mind but also the body. Plant-based food helps increase the intake of protective nutrients and phytochemicals and minimize the intake of dietary factors implicated in several chronic diseases (J Am Diet Assoc  2008;108:347–56).

    However, creating more vegan options in Hakusan campus’ cafeterias will not only benefit those who do not eat meat on a daily basis but can also be a way to introduce the health and environmental benefits of this diet to students and to give them more choice. Moreover, having more options will contribute to creating an even more open-minded and inclusive image for Toyo University.

   For animals, health, environment and personal choice, we, the undersigned students would like to petition Toyo University to introduce more vegan and vegetarian options in its Hakusan campus’s cafeterias.

Signatures from students, support from the global community.

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