Change Towson University's Racist Building Names

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Towson University has TWO building names that are named after racist slaveowners. William Paca (Paca House) and Charles Carroll (Carroll Hall) were both Maryland slaveowners. They owned plantations in Maryland, William Paca and his family owned the Wye Plantation and Charles Carroll owned the Doughoregan Manor plantation. It is stated in an article that Charles Carroll was the LARGEST slaveowner in Maryland. In 1773, there were three hundred and forty slaves that were listed as living on that plantation. Both of these families built their wealth off of the enslavement, abuse, and forced labor of African American people, and Towson is deciding to celebrate Charles Carroll and William Paca by naming a building after them. Is this what Towson stands for?

It is stated that “TU is dedicated to creating a diverse space free of judgment, fear, and prejudice, and to strengthening our continued efforts to fight hate and bigotry. Our differences are to be embraced and celebrated. Hate has no place at TU” (“Reporting Hate Crimes & Bias Incidents”).... an interesting quote from Towson University.

Sign this petition to DEMAND Towson University to REMOVE the names of these racist slave owners.