The Woodlands Township voters against extending Woodlands Parkway to HWY 249!

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Township voters against extending Woodlands Parkway to HWY 249! County Judge Doyal has added extending Gosling and Branch Crossing as new alternative thoroughfare's to I-45! He and Commissioner Riley re-committed their going to build this road regardless of our petition and votes. 

The folks behind all these major thoroughfares don't want local elected officials in office to fight against their plans. We need to elect folks committed to the people and not special interest groups. Mark Keogh and Greg Parker have committed to listening to the desires of their future constituents and return the power to the people who live here. 

Together we beat them at the polls during the bond election and we will need to come together again if you want local representatives willing to stand up for our community.

They want to put several major thoroughfares through the heart of The Woodlands and if we allow this to happen our community will never be the same. It is election time and I urge you to look at the candidates willing to represent you and your family.

Please sign our petition, share, post, re-post and let these elected officials know that NO MEANS NO!