Create a Memorial in Lower Beverley Lake Twp Park for Dennis Halladay

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It's time to honour an everyday hero in the place where he was loved the most.

In the world of local politics we remember to honour the Reeves and Councillors: but who creates the memorials and statues for the un-sung heroes.  Delta, Ontario is home to the working-class; to the small town hearts and souls that make up a wonderful little community.  We want a memorial to one of our own.

Dennis Halladay was "Mr. Delta."  He worked for the Twp of Rideau Lakes for more than 30 years in many capacities.  However, he was most known for the time he worked in the Lower Beverley Lake Township Park.  In a campground full of tourists and locals, he brought us all together.  He ALWAYS had a joke and smile.  He would welcome everyone!  You were at home in the park with Dennis there to take care of you.

He has been Citizen of the Year, had more that 25 years as a volunteer firefighter, and was an active member of church choir.  He gave his life to the family, friends, community and job. 

When I was a young girl and we would go to the park he would always have a smile and a joke and a "There's my girl!" to exclaim when he saw me.  Over the years I watched him, and he had the same enthusiasm and love for all the children and all of their families.  As the world gets colder and more impersonal, I know it was a better place for having had Dennis Halladay in it.

The Township of Rideau Lakes has now indicated it will not be placing any sort of memorial to Dennis Halliday in the Lower Beverley Lake Park.  In the Park where he made us all feel so at home, and where future generations of children won't hear his welcoming cries, he won't be memorialised.  The Township has indicated that the family may put up a plaque if they like.  The Township needs to do more. 

I call upon the Township of the Rideau Lakes to create a memorial for Dennis Halladay within Lower Beverley Lake Township Park.  Something so that future generations can know that he was there and he touched the lives of a park and a community. 

He left us too soon, but let's make sure he is not forgotten.

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