Keep Lagoon City Park Open For Kiteboarding

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Disclaimer: The volume of signatures on this petition is not indicative of the number of kiteboarders that use the site, but rather of the number of kiteboarders, families, and other water sport enthusiasts supporting the cause.

Please sign this petition against the banning of kiteboarding (including the loading and unloading of kiteboarding equipment on municipal land) at Lagoon City Park in Brechin, Ontario.

As a community, we have been listening to and processing concerns brought up by the Township of Ramara concerning overcrowded beaches and safety issues. We have a vested interest in the preservation of the parks, beaches, and community spaces in Lagoon City, as so many of us have considered its beaches a beloved destination for decades. As an alternative to the sudden enactment of a bylaw that interrupts the long-standing recreational use of Lagoon City Park, essentially restricting access to kiteboarding in public waters, we are requesting an opportunity to cooperate with the Ramara Council. We are eager to collaborate on new solutions to overcrowding issues, in addition to contributing to revenue sources that maintain and improve the Township’s recreation spaces that we all hold dear. We also look forward to fostering long-lasting relationships with the Township’s governing bodies, as concerned citizens who share a common interest in Lagoon City’s public beaches.

Please do not donate to this issue. There may be a seperate fundraiser on this issue. Your most important contribution is your voice.