Backyard Hen By-Law Amendment (Plympton-Wyoming)

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The By-Law banning hens in our Plympton-Wyoming community needs to be amended. Residents should be free to raise hens in a responsible manner on their properties.  

Hundreds of families within our community are raising hens in their backyards as part of their homesteading practices. During this pandemic, families are learning valuable lessons about the interconnectedness of nature by raising a small group of a hens. As a food source, a therapeutic pet, and a producer of fertilizer, we are in our small way getting back to the natural order of things.  

Plympton-Wyoming should follow the lead of McNab/ Braeside & Saugeen Shores County as well as the cities of Kingston, Guelph, Brampton and Toronto in allowing citizens the basic freedom to maintain hens on their property.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford actively encourages Ontario residents to participate in the raising of hens in their backyards. Why can’t the citizens of Plympton-Wyoming do the same? Residents should not have to live in fear of by-law enforcement officers coming into their backyards and ordering removal.

We think that promoting homesteading principles is a healthy lifestyle that alleviates loneliness, isolation and depression. Our backyard hens have provided immeasurable therapy and are an essential service (especially during this pandemic.) We’ve seen first-hand with our family the benefits of responsible hen coops.

As a small town with very small urban sprawl, can we not create language in our laws that protect our freedom to responsibly own a small group of hens?

We want to work with the Plympton-Wyoming council to maintain this essential service and amend the by-law. Please let the township officials know how you feel. 

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