Please apply for intervenor status at the NEB hearings.

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Please apply for intervenor status at the NEB hearings.

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Stand with farmers and fishermen alike. Please apply for intervenor status at the National Energy Board Hearings for the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

The proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline is currently looking at expanding its export pipeline through the ecologically sensitive floodplains of the Salmon River in Fort Langley which is home to the endangered "Sucker Salmon". The photo above is of the Salmon River Flood Plain looking East towards Fort Langley. This is one of many picturesque farms along the proposed line.

Farmers, like The Smith Family, who have farmed in this area for over 40 years, with a history going back 130 years of farming on the property, could have their properties cut in half by this pipeline and have their crops and livestock at risk of oil spills and a massive construction project. For some of us, the pipeline is even proposed to go right beside our own backyards. This will not only affect the farm land, but also have a detrimental impact on the popular fishing area.

It is important for our community to defend itself and demand an alternate route away from farms and ecologically sensitive areas. To do so we need the Township to apply for intervenor status. The time for change is now, think of your children's future, their children's future. This pipeline will ruin the rural pride and sustainability of our community. Please be sure to fill out the entire petition as each signature will be sent by email to city council. Show the Council that this is important to us, residents of Langley. We can make a difference!

If you will be affected by this pipeline please leave a comment when you sign. There is going to be a Community meeting on Feb 6th in Fort Langley to help affected property owners apply for intervenor status. Anyone directly affected can apply for intervenor status. Here is a link to the Council meeting on Janury 13th that had a guest speaker from Kinder Morgan with a Q&A period starting around the 18 minute mark. If you wish for more information, please send me a message!

Thank you to everyone who shares our concerns.


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