Remove Mayor Bob Currie From Office

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On June 17, 2020 a member of Amaranth submitted a letter to the Township of Amaranth, Ontario because they did not fly the Pride Flag this year. In a clip from the Township's Public Meeting Minutes, Mayor Bob Currie provides an extremely homophobic response. He states, "Why would I want to support something when this could be the last generation on earth," referencing that "homosexuals cannot produce offspring."
I would like you all to listen to this and send/share it wherever you can. Everyone has a right to their beliefs, however a belief like this one should not be allowed to lead a community. It is outdated and offensive.
To access the Public Meeting Minutes in full length CLICK HERE

The password to listen to the recording is 2q#^8..4

Start around 02:59:00 for the clip being discussed.