Preserve & Protect Mansfield's Natural Resources

Preserve & Protect Mansfield's Natural Resources

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Why this petition matters

Started by Old Elm Street

Currently, there is a purchase and sale agreement between the 177 Old Elm Street land owner and the Al Noor Academy to develop a large 32 acre Private school campus in West Mansfield, Massachusetts.  Due to the wetlands, which occupy most of the forested area, accessing any potential buildable land requires entry via the small historic Old Elm Street, a scenic byway.

This petition would like the Town of Mansfield to exercise its Right of First Refusal and purchase the land to be preserved and/ or used in a manner which mutually benefits the Town and local community. While also strongly encouraging our local officials to consider the potential environmental, wildlife, traffic, and safety concerns.  

The proposed building plan (note- the main and only entrance is proposed to be accessed via the narrow scenic byway street of Old Elm.  Also note, the intention for Dormitories): Al Noor Academy 32 Acre Campus Proposal in West Mansfield

Local Officials we encourage you to contact are below:

  • Conservation Committee: Katelyn Gonyer, Conservation & Environmental Planner:

Town Select Board:  

  • Neil Rhein, Chair:
  • Michael A. Trowbridge, Sr, Vice-Chair :
  • Frank DelVecchio, Clerk:
  • Jess Aptowitz:
  • Steve Schoonveld, Select Board Member:

*UPDATE* - post the Open Space meeting, which occurred, 1/13/22, a 3-0 motion was passed to support & recommend to the board the Town acquire the land.  The Academy & Land owner revealed, during this meeting, their intent to negotiate portions of the land to the town for free.  However, their intent is to move forward with the campus plans unless all land in question is acquired by the Town. Additionally, the land they suggested donating is wet and not useful for their campus plans anyway.

To be clear, we are in full support of the Town acquiring all land in question. Land donations do not mitigate the impact of this type of construction in this specific area.  Please contact the Town Select Board.

Please share this petition and help us notify the community.  We greatly appreciate your support!

1,105 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!