Leave the Lyndale Court Chickens Alone

Leave the Lyndale Court Chickens Alone

May 7, 2021
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West Seneca Town Supervisor Gary A. Dickson and 5 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amanda Lanyzs

Children's Park Residents, your rat problem is not because of chickens.
My name is Amanda Lanyzs and I have chickens on Lyndale Court. My not so nice neighbor is trying to make me get rid of, going door to door getting signatures blaming her rat problem on me.
The photo of me on the chair is with Anastasia Grace, she has one eye and thinks she's a lap dog. She is one of 6 beautiful girls that bring me joy daily. I suffer from Lupus, anxiety and deal with depression a lot. I spend the majority of my time at home so they keep me busy and make me smile even on the hardest day's.
We've had rats in our neighborhood and all of West Seneca since well before I even bought my house 8 years ago.
In fact they used to live under my shed, then I got a Westiepoo and he ran them out 2 years ago, apparently they moved next door and even though my girls are only 11 months old it's all their/my fault that rats are in the neighborhood.
If you have any questions about my girls please comment or message me. Want to stop by and meet the flock? We can set that up.
They aren't "Just chickens" they are a part of my family and my community. the neighborhood kids have had a hand in raising and caring for our girls.

They were able to teach a beautiful lesson for the Winchester 1st graders who's MLK lesson was taught to them with our Eggs!

If you agree that chickens are not the cause of the rats here in West Seneca and believe that my chickens and I should be left alone please sign this petition. 

Please sign to save my girls. 

Thank you, 

Amanda Lanyzs 

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Signatures: 1,409Next Goal: 1,500
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  • Gary A. DicksonWest Seneca Town Supervisor
  • William P. Hanley Jr.
  • Jeff PiekarecTown Councilman
  • Joseph CantafioTown Councilman
  • William Bauer