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Repeal the $100K Pit Bull Insurance Ordinance

Pit Bulls are being removed from their loving homes and given 5 days before euthanizing for owners to comply with a city ordinance to maintain $100K in insurance against posssible pitbull damage or attacks. This ordinance implies ALL Pit Bulls are a threat to the safety of people. This is false! The dogs are born innocent and raised to their current behaviors by their owners. The acts of a few neglegent owners should not financially impact the majority of responsible pet owners. It should also not give Animal Control the right to remove a healthy well taken care of animal from it's home.  Let your local lawmakers know that your tax dollars are better spent controling actual criminal activity, not trying to prevent a minority chance of a potential safety hazzard.  Sign this petition to show your support AGAINST this ordinance.

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    Town of Washington's $100K Pit Bull Insurance Ordinance
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