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Pit Bulls are being removed from their loving homes and given 5 days before euthanizing for owners to comply with a city ordinance to maintain $100K in insurance against posssible pitbull damage or attacks. This ordinance implies ALL Pit Bulls are a threat to the safety of people. This is false! The dogs are born innocent and raised to their current behaviors by their owners. The acts of a few neglegent owners should not financially impact the majority of responsible pet owners. It should also not give Animal Control the right to remove a healthy well taken care of animal from it's home.  Let your local lawmakers know that your tax dollars are better spent controling actual criminal activity, not trying to prevent a minority chance of a potential safety hazzard.  Sign this petition to show your support AGAINST this ordinance.

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Town of Washington LA Town Council Town of Washington's $100K Pit Bull Insurance Ordinance
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Town of Washington
Town Hall
P.O. Box 218
405 North Washington Street
Washington, Louisiana 70509

In re: Animal Ordinance for Pit Bull Owners to Secure $100,000 Liability Insurance Coverage for their Dog

To Whom It May Concern,

On Monday, April 23rd 2012, the Town of Washington began enforcing a breed specific animal ordinance for the owners of the Canine breed Pit Bull. In addition to the ordinance previously set forth by the Town (Washington) and the Town’s Parish (St. Landry), the town further increased the financial burden of its citizen Pit Bull owners by requiring liability insurance coverage of $100,000 to retain ownership of the Pit Bull within town limits.

Breed specific animal legislation is a failure in its own, and many people agree. Existence of unlawful activity such as dog fighting and animal abuse can’t be denied. However, the targeting of one breed will lead to the unlawful behavior with another breed. It’s the unlawful behavior that these ordinances are created to prevent and thus, a cycle is created. As the irresponsible, abusive, or neglecting owner could care less for the lives of their property, the next breed to fill the gap will be approached. While the demand for another breed increases, so will the amount of unregulated breeding creating more strain on Animal Control. Will the Town of Washington continue to expand the ordinance until all dogs are considered dangerous? How would the town handle the increased burden on for Animal Control?

The behaviors of the pets are a direct reflection of their upbringing, not their instinct. A dangerous pet is only dangerous if it trained to be so or unreasonably provoked (i.e. physically abused) and includes all breeds of domesticated pets, not just Pit Bulls. The actions of the slight percentage of owners should not financially impact the responsible ones. Those who have complied with all other parts of the ordinance could have been issued a citation. Instead, the lives of innocent dogs still in non-compliance will be ended on Friday, April 27th.

The Town of Washington Louisiana has gone too far. The previous section for the ownership of alleged “Dangerous Breeds” were unreasonable in itself, even as cited from the Parish of St. Landry’s Code of Ordinances (Chapter 5, Article III, Division 2, Section 5-83, Provision 8)
“Failure to comply … Any dog found to be in violation of this division shall be subject to immediate humane destruction.”

In addition to the 7 other provisions, the death penalty applies to the dog that can’t provide ITSELF with any of the provisions of Section 5-83. The dog is subject to euthanizing because of the actions of a negligent (per ordinance) owner.

A petition has been created on the behalf of the Pit Bull owners of the Town of Washington, Louisiana. To view the petition and signatures collected:

We, the signers, are asking the City Council to repeal the provision to maintain liability insurance and return the animals to the owners taken by enforcement of said ordinance. Euthanizing a person’s pet is like taking the life of a family member. Responsible, loving pet owners have a bond with their animals. Do not take the life of their loved ones. Please reconsider the actions of this ordinance.


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