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EMERGENCY! Schoharie Town Board is negotiating a settlement with Cobleskill Stone ProductsThis would effect every resident, homeowner, and everyone that comes to Schoharie to enjoy the vistas of our rolling hills. It effects our school children who have to play in front of a quarry. It effects those residents that care so much about our town that have rebuilt once, twice, even three times after a flood. 
MORE INFORMATION: In our opinion the town gets almost nothing by signing the agreement, while CSP gets the town to become a major promoter of the mine expansion. 
The following is some background on the mine expansion issue, and detailed comments on the current proposal.
Current Proposed Settlement:
CSP and the Town of Schoharie, without informing the community, the village, or SOS, have apparently been in negotiations, regarding the final legal issues remaining from the lawsuit over the 2005 Land Use Law; whether CSP has a vested right to mine the expansion property. Below is a very quick summary of that proposal.

  • There are a large number of sections (often preceded by "whereas") that state factual information for which there is no dispute.
  • There are a large number of descriptions of technical changes that CSP would make to reduce the impact of the current and/or expanded mine on the community. CSP is either already required to implement these changes under their old expired permit, DEC may be requiring them to implement them in order to renew their expired permit, or CSP has already offered them in their 2005 or their 2014 applications. Therefore these actions would be implemented whether this stipulation is signed or not.
  • CSP agrees to move the primary and secondary crushers within 30 years.
  • The Town of Schoharie agreed to declare to the NYS DEC that CSP's proposed mine expansion is a vested right and an approved use of the property. The town will also withdraw from the DEC process, and gives up all rights to comment on or interfere in any way with any use or operation of the site, including any input from the town's planning or zoning boards. (Note that this may have a huge negative impact in the village and SOS role in the DEC permitting process. This also sets a precedent for all other properties that CSP may acquire effectively ceding zoning decisions to CSP.)
  • In return for the town acting as an advocate for expansion, CSP will promise not to sue the town over the new land use plan.
  • We note that the town would then be responsible for enforcing (through litigation) any violation of this agreement. This will involve the town having legal cost, and will need to pay for someone to conduct monitoring of the site. CSP does not offer to cover any of the town's cost past or future.


  • That CSP plans to mine over Rickard Hill Road, and replace it with a road that goes right along the east side of Lasell Park? (See the thick red line in the photo.)The road would be constructed in the so-called "buffer zone" around the new quarry pit, effectively eliminating most of the trees and the actual buffer, filling the park with noise and dust. It would also run over sinkholes (Becker's Cave is nearby), damaging an environmentally-sensitive area. It would go along the property lines of houses & farms on Warner Hill and Colby Roads. THE TAXPAYERS WOULD PAY TO MAINTAIN THE ROAD! 
  • That when CSP bought the property just east of Schoharie on Warner Hill Rd, the zoning law did not allow commercial mining on that property? Community participation in the land use laws has consistently shown that the citizens of Schoharie do not want mining on residential/agricultural land.
  • That CSP's permit to mine in Schoharie ran out 6 years ago? DEC is currently considering what new conditions they may impose when they eventually renew the permit on the current mine.
  • That DEC Region 4 recommended against permitting the CSP expansion onto the Warner Hill Rd. property? CSP is currently in the appeals process, and DEC is reviewing information from both sides.

IF YOU THINK the Schoharie Town Board should take more time to listen to public comment, and to see what DEC decides to do, we urge you to contact the town board at (copy SOS at and urge them not to accept this settlement, but to defend the town land use law in court. (Ask your neighbors, spouse, friends etc. to do the same.)

The board members that may be voting on this stipulation are Mr. Guernsey, Mr. Tavenner, Mr. Schultz, and Mr. Brisley. No one should write to Mr. Tague as he must recuse himself.

The board stated that written comments are due by April 6th, and the comments will be considered at the next town board meeting. It is extremely important that everyone show up at that meeting to protest this settlement. THE NEXT TOWN BOARD MEETING IS APRIL 13 AT 7pm AT 300 MAIN STREET IN SCHOHARIE. 




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