Regina Beach bylaw allowing the use of unregistered off-road vehicles within town limits.

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As a resort community many permanent and seasonal residents own, and wish to use, unregistered off-road vehicles within the town limits.

Implementation of a bylaw allowing the use of unregistered off-road vehicles is a power granted to municipalities under provincial legislation in section 9 of the All Terrain Vehicles Act. 

As a resort community the safe operation of vehicles such as ATVs, UTVs and Golf Carts within town limits would allow for residents to better enjoy the amenities of our great town and ease  access to and parking at local businesses. 

It is understood that there may be concerns regarding noise, safety, and damage to property. A well implemented bylaw allowing for use within town limits could be structured carefully in order to address these concerns. 

Benefits to consider could be:

- Noise bylaws currently in place can be leveraged in order to avoid nuisance use 

- Traveling on roadways would require operators to follow safety procedures and comply with posted signage

- Enforcement would be better able to monitor and support safe operation of equipment in compliance with provincial legislation

- Traveling on town roadways would reduce potential for damage to town/private property currently adjacent to highways and used for ATV/UTV/Golf Cart travel