Rename Turner's Falls to GREAT FALLS: stop honoring the slaughter of Nipmucs

Rename Turner's Falls to GREAT FALLS: stop honoring the slaughter of Nipmucs

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From the Nipmuc Nation Elders, 

"The Town of Montague engaged the support and services of several area tribes whose ancestors had participated in the King Philips War. We suspect that the Town did not realize that Nipmuc people had come to the Falls long, long before that war occurred. It had been part of our ongoing relationship with our homelands. Yearly we would travel to the Falls, as did other area Natives, to plant, fish, hunt, harvest, forage for medicines, and socialize with others. And yet, the history books fail to acknowledge our connection to this land. When asked to prepare a report from the Nipmuc Tribe, we were happy to have a vehicle with which to tell our story from our perspective. And, hopefully, in a manner that will honor our ancestors, speak of their ingenuity, and celebrate their lives.

From our perspective, what happened at what is now called Turner’s Falls was not a battle but a slaughter of un-armed innocents. From our perspective it marks the beginning of a decline in our relationship with the world we live in – a relationship that had existed for thousands and thousands of years". Read more here:

Join me in urging the Town of Montague to formally remove Turner's name from our town and end the whitewashing of our history. What occurred here was a systemic slaughter of unarmed Indigenous peoples, is that what you want our village to stand for?