Stop the RV/Camping Site to be built off Woods Hollow Rd & Route 30 Mayfield, NY

Stop the RV/Camping Site to be built off Woods Hollow Rd & Route 30 Mayfield, NY

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We want to stop the proposed construction, building, and approval of a development of a Recreational Vehicle Park and Campground on five (5) parcels along the north side of NYS Route 30 south of Woods Hollow Road in the Town of Mayfield.

It is proposed as a 277-lot RV/Campsite development on Woods Hollow Road, with the main entrance being on Woods Hollow Road. Our road is currently all residential with 5 small roads off it, mostly full-year occupied homes in the range 800-2000sq ft. There is also a SMALL (5 lot) RV park off one side road, which was unable to be stopped when developed.

The overall size of the project site will be approximately 83.4+/- acres. The project will involve the creation of RV lots, glamping, and tents. There will be an amphitheater, restrooms/shower facilities, playgrounds, picnic pavilions, a swimming pool, kayak/canoe rental, dock system, boat slips, boat launch and beach access.


This development would have the following negative impacts:


The overwhelming majority of visitors will be accessing the site via the New York State Thruway via Amsterdam. There are two proposed entrances:

The first entrance being proposed, and the only main entrance, would be on Woods Hollow Road, approximately 1/3 of the way down.  Most vehicles leaving the proposed campsite will be taking a left off of Woods Hollow Road onto Route 30.  The turn looking towards your left has visibility issues. Currently, in the summer, it routinely takes upwards of 5 minutes for a car to make a left, as most residents on Woods Hollow Road can attest to. Adding 277 plus cars, RV’s, campers-in-tow, and boat trailers waiting for traffic to clear in both directions on Route 30 will make this situation untenable.  In addition, the right hand turn onto Woods Hollow for those coming north on Route 30 (from the Thruway), to turn onto Woods Hollow Road, is a hairpin-nearly-180-degree turn for those RVs and those hauling a camper or boat trailer.  The difficulty of this turn, as well as the traffic slow-down of other vehicles waiting for that traffic to turn onto Woods Hollow, would make travel at this portion of the road extremely difficult.

Furthermore, Woods Hollow Road already has its own traffic issues.  With Lakeside Tavern & Marina at the end of the road, plus full-year residents who live on the road, there is quite a bit of traffic Wednesday-Sunday each week.  There is a very heavy amount of traffic from Memorial Day to Labor Day due to the addition of summer visitors, seasonal residents who live off 5 side roads (Pedrick Road, Maple Ridge Road, Loop Drive, Buckos Bay Road, Atkins Road), and boat slip renters at the marina.  This would heavily impact slow-down traffic issues, walkability, and air pollution on the road and this area of the lake.

The second entrance is proposed is now only proposed as an emergency exit (updated 8/17/2021) on the northeast side of Route 30 just past the Sandhill Road intersection where the entrance to a sandpit is currently located.  This is heading north on Route 30, on a blind hill with no visibility for southbound vehicles to the entrance traffic (cars, RV’s, campers-in-tow, boat trailers, etc). All traffics exiting the site to the NYS Thruway must make a left turn, which will be extremely dangerous to southbound vehicles at the current 55 mph speed limit. The vehicles entering the site from the southbound lane, which will have to make a dangerous left turn into the entrance, will be stopped on the blind hill, and the chances of rear end collisions are enormous.  The proposal includes a required flagger and/or safety personnel (police) during an emergency use of this entrance.

Population density

The proposed project has an extremely high-population density, and the plan proposes only 10% of green space on the entire site.  The proposed site is for 277 lots.  With an average of 3-4 people per lot, the site would expect to see an additional 831 – 1,108 people during peak season in July and August.  Woods Hollow Road currently has over 30 year-round residences and approximately 25 seasonal residences.  Not to mention all the people who rent boat dock slips at Lakeside Tavern & Marina. This project would be a 600% increase in local population density.

Environmental impact (Noise, garbage, and air pollution)

Besides noise from the additional traffic, adding a potential of a approximately 1,100 people to the area would increase noise pollution.  All noise from the proposed site, especially from the amphitheater, will reverberate up the bay and the noise pollution will affect all area residents.  Residing campers at lakefront lots, the noise from 1100 additional people will be LOUD and echo through the woods and lake channel; from Woods Hollow Road (and adjoining roads) to across Second Avenue in Broadalbin (and other connected neighborhoods), to houses and homes in the Village of Broadalbin, on Route 30, and on Route 155/West Main Street in Broadalbin.

Woods Hollow Road already has an issue with garbage on the road, due to the many visitors from seasonal to restaurant patrons.  With the proposed site directly on the lake, the runoff from all garbage, waste, and potential septic contamination would be directly into the lake.  Any blowing garbage, litter and refuse would be deposited into the lake.

As mentioned above, extra vehicle traffic would contribute to additional air pollution.  Current residents of these areas would not be able to enjoy our roads as we currently do: to walk our dogs, to enjoy wildlife (animals, plants) and walk to the lake front at the end of our road.

Both vehicle and boat traffic would surely affect lake wildlife in the area.  The migratory waterfowl and local wildlife that frequent the area will be driven off by the development.  This includes blue herons, white egrets, ducks, loons, wild turkeys, deer, occasional moose, black bears, and more.

Quality of Life

The residents that have purchased property and lived in the neighborhood did so in the belief that they lived in a rural, quiet neighborhood and bay.  The addition of 1,200 plus people and their boats, jet skis, vehicles, noise, garbage will completely change the dynamics of the area.  No longer will residents be able to enjoy walks along Woods Hollow without fear from the increased traffic. There is HRBRRD permit access for numerous Woods Hollow Road residents at the lakefront, many of which walk to those accesses. Those that moor in the bay in the summer or kayak/canoe along the Kennyetto bay or creek will now do so amid hundreds of campers and boaters.  The potential damage to the private docks and shoreline from the increased boat traffic is impossible to calculate.

Tax Revenue

There will be no measurable positive impact to the Fulton County and Town of Mayfield tax base.  As most visitors will access the proposed campground via the NYS Thruway and Route 30, shopping and the sales tax generated from it will mostly likely occur in Montgomery County in Amsterdam, as the main shopping stores (Walmart, Hannaford, Price Chopper, Target) nearby are located in Montgomery County (and directly on the way to the campsite) .  The rental of campsites, trailer sites, and other like real property constitutes the rental of real property; the receipts from which are not subject to sales tax(1). Unlike hotels or motels, there is no Occupancy Tax for campsites.  RVs and campers are temporary structures and do not pay property tax.  There will be no dedicated, full-time, year-round employees.  Any jobs created will be seasonal, part-time, unskilled and low wage. The only increase in tax revenue will be from the minor real property improvements (such as campsite restrooms) and their assessed value.

(1)New York State Department of Taxation and Finance – A Guide to Sales Tax for Hotel and Motel Operator

Given all of the information above, we conclude that there will be minimal benefits of this project to the town of Mayfield and the people of Fulton County.  And these are greatly outweighed by the negative impacts and the risks associated with it. “Once it is built it cannot be unbuilt!”  Our hopes are that we can preserve Woods Hollow Road, and adjoining roads the way it is today.  Additionally, preserving the Great Sacandaga Lake, its wildlife, water, and shorelines is important so that it can be here for others to enjoy for many years to come!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and supporting our cause!

Please consider *SIGNING* our petition & ***SHARING*** this post to preserve our lake, neighborhood, and environment, so that it can be enjoyed as it currently is for many people and years to come! Even if you don’t live here, you can make a difference!! And this is free to do!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!