Stop Cluster Zoning around Indian Hills Golf Course, Fort Salonga

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We are writing to express our opposition to the proposed rezoning and subsequent development of high density, multi-family housing on the Indian Hills Golf Course. We oppose this project due to the threat it presents to the fragile environmental habitat of the area and the negative impact it will have on the quality of life of the residents.

The golf course and the whole area is zone R-40 and was zoned this way for a reason - the precarious environment warrants that type of zoning. This is a very delicate area from an environmental standpoint - surrounded by the Makamah Nature Preserve and the Jerome A. Ambro Memorial Wetlands and directly bordering the Davis Brickmaker Preserve, the Long Island Sound and the already polluted Fresh Pond. In addition, the entire area of the golf course is located in primary area of the Crab Meadow Watershed which has been determined to have the greatest influence to Long Island Sound and water quality.

Adding 108 townhomes, de-foresting 11 acres of woods to put more impermeable surfaces such as homes and additional blacktop, and keeping a perfectly green, excessively watered and fertilized golf course on top of that all just does not make any sense from an environmental standpoint. This will have an impact that reaches much farther than the neighborhood which houses Indian Hills Country Club.

There will be major traffic repercussions in the immediate area, the infrastructure of the neighborhood cannot safely shoulder this many additional vehicles. There is also the inevitable trickle down to Elwood Road which is already going to bear the traffic burden of the Seasons at Elwood (256 units) and the Matinecock Court Housing Project (140 units).

Preserving the golf course in perpetuity at the expense of damaging the environment for perpetuity does not seem like a sound tradeoff. Additionally, approval of a project of this nature sets a bad precedent for future projects elsewhere in the Town where developers will seek a zoning downgrade in other residential neighborhoods, adjoining multiple environmentally sensitive areas.