Let Ruby come back home to her family/have these ridiculous demands dropped

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Ruby is a sweet and shy 10 month old puppy unjustly imprisoned inside a local Animal Shelter in Ontario County in New York State. for the first few days she was allowed absolutely no  human or animal contact  because they have a 'protocol' to follow when a dog is deemed 'dangerous'. Ruby has wrongly been labeled that by  Justice Wooden who didn't do her homework.
There was a very powerful photo taken of Ruby terrified in the corner of her cage. Ruby had not eaten and would not come to the front of her cage even when her family members were finally allowed the chance to see her. She was so terrified that she just cowered in the corner and it was very heartbreaking. Ruby is extremely gentle, caring, and a heart-melting baby girl pup. She was  falsely accused of attacking a neighbor’s dog in Hopewell, NY. While we do sympathize for the neighbor’s dog,it is the the accusing familys word against Rubys family...This neighbor has acres of land full of predators~ Mass coyotes, fox, mink, weasel, snakes, hawks and other things that will try to eat or go after a poor little Chihuahua for dinner. and the neighbor just let his little dog roam free, unattended and off a leash, in his acres of land in the small town of Hopewell, NY.This neighbor has had a long standing history of harassing Ruby’s family for many years prior to this incident and it is well known within the neighborhood.  The accuser claims that while he was in his backyard and his little chihuahua was in the front yard, she was attacked by Ruby..he heard the noises and when he came up to his front yard, the accuser said he saw Ruby trying to drag his dog into the woods, but again there were other dogs that were on the property, even IF Ruby was the dog that did hurt the chihuahua, this is her first offense and the chihuahua lived and is now home wither family...Rubys family are making big changes to ensure their dog is never to blame again and we want to make sure Ruby is given a second chance and not just destroyed.  This same neighbor felt he could just call to his personal friend and very good buddy for help whom just so happens to be the small town Justice. JUSTICE NANCY WOODEN, of Hopewell NY, Ontario County. Not only did she fail to recuse herself from her buddy’s case, she was ignorant and uniformed on Ontario County’s dog laws concerning these issues. Upon entering the courthouse, Ruby’s family saw Justice Wooden and her clerk (Mrs. Mcnamera), & officer Martin of the Ontario Co Sheriff Dept. sitting at a computer TOGETHER using Google to search the internet for advice and tips on what direction they were going to take the case as the trial was already supposed to be starting. Ruby’s family was overwhelmed to see them all so casually talking and Googling right in their faces, in the main entrance of the building, prior to the case even starting. They felt they were all ganging up on them from the door and failed to give them an unbiased and fair due process, which is their right as hard working taxpaying American citizens born and raised on that same land. Not only did Justice Wooden fail to research in its entirety the rules and regulations of Ontario County’s dog laws, she just googled a vicious dog bite case in America and used that ONE case law to make the determination to classify Ruby as the worst type of dog and allowed her no human contact. Justice Nancy Wooden threatened to have Ruby euthanized April 8th, unless her list of demands are met. Ruby’s family is a hardworking, animal loving American family given an impossible list of items to comply by, if they want Ruby back. We will list the overwhelming demands below. ALL have to be followed, or she will be euthanized. No matter what a behavioralist says. 

Judge Wooden’s List of Demands:

1. Dog is to be leashed at all times, by person over 21 yrs
2. Evaluation of the dog by behavior specialist AND comply with everything else.
3. Have microchip implanted
4. Spayed (we were already planning this anyway for her Ruby’s health and are fine with this one rule)
5. Dog must be muzzled at all times when outside the house.
6. Purchase $100,000 liability insurance
7. Due to be licensed & current rabies shot
8. Install a working invisible fence
9. Vet expense incurred because of attack on 3/24/15 by owner with proof of payment sent to court.
10. Failure to comply with above conditions by April 2015 will result in the dog being put down April 2015...... No specific number date written. This is extremely brutal for a dog with no priors, and no real proof it was her!!



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