End 3 hour limit & no overnight parking Georgina bylaws

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!

These bylaws are interfering with the reasonable enjoyment of our properties and negatively impacting our lives. 

We want these bylaws abolished so that we can invite people to our homes, have our guests stay the night (especially if they’re not sober), & be able to have multiple people living in one dwelling who each own their own car.

some of us own businesses or work jobs that come with a business vehicle separate from our personal vehicle but don’t have the space in our driveway to park every vehicle.

these tickets are costing us our jobs because we can’t justify the expense of all these tickets. They’re costing us our freedom to enjoy our homes and welcome people to them. They’re infracting on our social and professional lives. 

Let us park on our streets! Give us parking passes for ourselves, our family, and our friends to use when visiting us so you know it’s not just tourists avoiding paid parking. 

Please listen to the voices of the people who have signed this petition. Read their comments, and consider how this is affecting people and families here in Georgina.