Prevent the rezoning of 2-44 Marine Lab Road and SAVE the Logy Bay Ski Hill

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The Logy Bay Ski Hill, also known as the St. John's Ski Club or Logy Bay Lump, has been a part of our community for over 75 years. While the ski hill itself closed about 15 years ago, the property (albeit privately owned), is still used year-round by residents for hiking, berry picking, dog walking, sliding, snowboarding, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, mountain biking, etc. Our community’s organized summer outdoor recreation program lasts ~ 4 months and for the next 8 months there is no program because of lack of facilities. This property is one of the last remaining large green spaces in our town and a true gem in our community. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE IT!

The Town Council of Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove has to make an important decision in the very near future on whether or not to re-zone the old Logy Bay Ski Hill on Marine Lab Road to permit residential development -

The land in question on Marine Lab Road is currently zoned Open Space/Recreation -!AtYEnNXQ-VtHg6Yu37K_WgiDks9Kow?e=M5X1W2. We want the town to deny the re-zoning request to make it a residential area, then purchase the property and develop a town-owned facility (i.e. playground, park, green space, etc.) for the benefit of all residents. One example of what can be successfully developed on the land was presented to council in 2016 - Logy Bay Adventure Park -!AtYEnNXQ-VtHg6YvaS3QS9rRqm0cqQ?e=GtBScf.

As noted in the Town's Recreation Master Plan - - stemming from public consultations, the top five activities identified as a recreation priority for LBMCOC were: walking trails, neighbourhood parks for all ages, sliding hills, children's playgrounds, and bicycle trails. Residents repeatedly identified the potential to utilize the former ski hill as a year-round entity. This is a PERFECT piece of property to develop all these activities and meet the needs of residents of all ages!

In addition to signing this petition, we also ask and encourage that you submit your opinion on this issue to the town via email (, by the deadline Friday, September 11, 2020, at 4:00 PM. We need your support to Save the Lump! Please act now.

Disclaimer: The Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove Development Association Inc. is not against private development. Our vision is a sustainable community that promotes vitality, inclusion, recreation, quality of life, and a sense of place for all residents. Follow us on Facebook at