Get coffee cup recycling points in St Albans town centre

Get coffee cup recycling points in St Albans town centre

2 April 2021
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Town Council St Albans and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Olivia Herries

St Albans town centre is in need of coffee cup recycling points!

There are numerous coffee shops in St Albans town centre: Nkora, Cafe Nero, Pret, Costa, Charlie's and Gail's to name a few.

Coffee cups are made of paper but are lined with a thin plastic coating in order to keep the cup leakproof. Contrary to popular belief... coffee cups can be recycled!

Despite this, due to the lack of streamlined coffee cup disposal points near to the shops themselves, nearly all of them will be thrown into general litter bins and then taken to landfill.

Some St Albans shops (nero/pret/costa) already offer in-store cup recycling - but this is no use if you are already 100m up the road! We need specific bins.

Therefore, my proposal is to add coffee cup specific bins to the St Albans Town Centre, much like how Oxford implemented a similar system in early 2020. 

The bins should contain compartments for the cup itself and the polystyrene lid. As well as an extra compartment for cardboard sleeves.

Help me to raise awareness and petition for the council to implement a solution to recycle the hundreds of coffee cups that are thrown into St Albans bins each day. If this is successful it can also be the first step to persuade other districts to something similar.

Please watch the short video I made if you would like to know more!

Please share with as many people as possible.

Thank you so much.

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Signatures: 2,831Next Goal: 5,000
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