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Legalize Backyard Chickens in Elkton, Va

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Proposal for Backyard Hens in Elkton

· Allow up to 6 chickens (hens only - NO roosters), based on coop (structure/house) and pen (enclosed/covered outside pen) size (below).

· There must be 3 square feet per hen for coop structure

· There must be 8 square feet per hen for pen size

· The pen area must be covered to protect against any possible contamination from wild birds and to keep hens from free ranging

· Hens are NOT allowed to free range at any time and must be confined at all times

· Coop must be set back at least 10 feet from the property line

· Neighbor approval is NOT required for hens

· Renters must have written permission from the landlord

· Number of applications is unlimited

· Pens, coops, or cages shall not be located in a storm drainage area that would allow fecal matter to enter any storm drainage system or stream.

· No chickens shall be allowed on townhouse, duplex, apartment or manufactured home properties

· Chickens allowed under this section shall only be raised for domestic purposes and no commercial use such as selling eggs or selling chickens for meat shall be allowed. (However, sharing your fresh eggs with your neighbors is highly encouraged) :D

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Elkton, Virginia used to be a "poultry town". We are looking to restore that title by allowing backyard chickens once again. Backyard chickens can have many benefits and have many myths about them that are just not true. As a child growing up in Elkton, owning poultry was a norm, rather than an exception. We are looking to restore that lost tradition that was once a part of many families in our community.

We are asking for up to 6 hens, no roosters. Coops to be regulated as an accessory building under our current regulations, and any renter would have to have it in writing from their landlord before they could own chickens.

Backyard Chicken Benefits:

- Avoid supporting the large industrial farms and chicken houses where chickens are so cramped

- Pasture-raised eggs, from chickens that are allowed the space to peck for their food are more nutritious than industry-sourced eggs. Pasture-raised eggs contain two to three times more omega-3 fatty acids, while also containing less than one-third of the cholesterol than those of the "factory-farmed" eggs.

- Hens are not noisy. They are very quiet animals. They go to bed at sundown and are quiet all night long.

- Chickens do not attract rodents or predators. Any rodents or predators that already exist in the town of Elkton are attracted to the unprotected food sources, such as cat food, dog food, bird seed, or open garbage cans.

- Chickens themselves do not smell. "A 4-pound laying hen produces 0.0035 cu. ft. of manure per day. According to the FDA, an average dog generates ¾ of a pound of manure a day. Dog feces cannot be composted because of the harmful bacteria and parasites (hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms) which can infect humans. Chicken feces, however, can be composted and worked into your garden for a high-potency fertilizer. It’s all a part of the sustainability cycle of raising backyard chickens!"

- Chickens are great backyard composters. They can eat just about anything that would be thrown away kitchen scraps, thus helping to reduce the amount of garbage from the local landfill.

- There is a myth that backyard chickens will increase the likelihood of avian flu. The fact is “In the United States there is no need at present to remove a flock of chickens because of concerns regarding avian influenza. The U.S. Department of Agriculture monitors potential infection of poultry and poultry products by avian influenza viruses and other infectious disease agents.” (Source: U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention Research shows that there are actually more diseases which can be spread from dogs and cats than from chickens, including cat scratch fever, rabies, ringworm, roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm and Giardia.

- Chickens serve as organic pest control in addition to all of their other benefits! They devour ticks and other pests on your property, including stink bugs and their larva.

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