No Drug Rehabilitation Facility wanted at former Fat Farm location in Ludlow, VT

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Local Act 250 Review to change the use of Green Mountain at Fox Run Weight Control Facility to a substance use disorder facility to treat 40 individuals through detoxification and residential treatment will factually bring crime, theft and unsafe conditions to the community. Okemo is known for and survives off its tourism. Any and all incidents could be detrimental to the entire revenue stream for all local establishments. The correlation between crime, prison, drug abuse and drug rehabilitation is staggering. The statistics  can be easily accessed on the internet on multiple Gov't websites. This facility would no doubt bring more crime to Ludlow. The facility would also be located within a 100 ft of existing residential complexes with young children, Okemo golf course and restaurant. One of the Towns greatest  assets is Jackson Gore located within 1/2 mile, which is Ludlows greatest tourist attraction, largest local revenue producer and not to mention top local employer.This does not mean we are against rehab facilities. We the people just believe it is proposed in the absolute wrong location. Please sign and pass along to your fellow neighbors and local businesses.