Ask Tower Hamlets to REJECT the Asda redevelopment plan on the Isle of Dogs

Ask Tower Hamlets to REJECT the Asda redevelopment plan on the Isle of Dogs

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Isle of Dogs Residents started this petition to Tower Hamlets Strategic Development Committee; and

Please sign this petition and ask Tower Hamlet's Strategic Development Committee to REJECT this plan when they vote on Thursday, 23rd September 2021.

REJECT the out of context, massive and overbearing scale of development proposed at the urban low-rise ASDA site at 151 East Ferry Road, London E14 3BT on the Isle of Dogs, 

REJECT 15 to 32 (115m) stories tall apartment blocks (for comparison, Big Ben is 96m tall) that will overshadow, overlook and overwhelm the surrounding low rise residential communities of the southern part of the Isle of Dogs including Mudchute Farm, one of London's largest farms and Cubitt Town Infant and Primary School,

REJECT adverse sunlight and daylight impacts to over 700 windows and gardens,

REJECT 2000 more flats and 5000+ more residents BEFORE any significant improvements to the infrastructure on the Isle of Dogs takes place,

REJECT a 9+ year scheme to build that will blight the area with increased traffic generation, vehicular access issues, congestion, highway safety issues, noise, pollution and stress for many years especially alongside other already approved plans on the Island'

REJECT radically changing the Isle of Dog neighbourhood for future generations.

The council has let the local community down by recommending that this plan be APPROVED although local residents have been voicing their objections for years. The Council's Strategic Development Committee (SDC) will vote on 23 September 2021 if they agree with the council's approval recommendation or if they will listen to the local community and REJECT this plan.  

We ask for a less tall, more green development that would protect the surrounding local community, Mudchute Farm and Cubitt Town School and respect the prevailing building heights, density and massing of the surrounding residential properties and community.

By signing this petition, you SPEAK UP and tell the Tower Hamlets Council that our local children and residents are asking you to 'STOP the monster projects'. There is a thriving, growing community that lives here on the Isle of Dogs that supports development that supports us.  Please plan the Island's growth sensibly and respectfully and set forth an example of good planning.  Let's keep the Island a lovely place to live, learn, work, raise families and visit.  

We petition the Strategic Development Committee to REJECT this planning application.  

Please help us expand our reach by forwarding this petition on.  Time is of the essence.  The plan is scheduled to come before the committee for their vote on 23rd September 2021 and if approved, this will be the Island's future.

Therefore, it is URGENT that you sign and forward on.  We understand that a plan for this site has been in the background for some time but this time, it has been pushed through during lockdown and when the local community have not been able to gather and discuss so sadly, if you do not SPEAK UP by signing this petition and writing the SDC members (emails below), the plan will be approved and the southern part of the Island forever changed.

Please note that in addition to signing this petition, email 'Reject ASDA' directly to the Strategic Development Committee members email addresses below:

Councillor Kahar Chowdhury Chair

Councillor David Edgar Member

Councillor Abdul Mukit MBE Member

Councillor Sabina Akhtar Member

Councillor Tarik Khan Member

Councillor Val Whitehead Member

Councillor Rabina Khan Member

The plan and it's 700+ documents can be found at . Enter PA/19/02534/A1 in the SEARCH box.  

Thank you.

* Individuals signing this petition must be persons living, working or studying in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!