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Save The Crane

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Started by Alt Ldn

Please sign this petition for the removal of the advertising board now covering ROA's crane on Hanbury street which was placed there whilst the planning consultation period is still open.

Everyday hundreds of people are captivated by a beautiful piece of artwork that was given to the people of Tower Hamlets by an internationally renowned artist. The artist - whose work sells out in galleries across the world - asked for nothing in return, making this an incredibly selfless gift to the residents of East London. 

The advertisement board was commisioned by Tower Hamlets Council to promote Brick Lane & Banglatown as Cury Capital 2012. Everybody that visits the Brick Lane area is immediately aware that it is famous for its many curry houses and it is a privilege for Brick Lane and Banglatown to be declared Curry Capital 2012. However the curry restaurants can be seen before reaching Hanbury Street if you walk there from any direction. 

We therefore feel that with several other large advertisements for Curry Capital in place it is completely unnecessary and against the wishes of many of the people of Tower Hamlets and London in general to cover over a cultural icon with a large advertisement with the sole purpose of letting people know that they are in the 'Curry Capital'. 

To recklessly take away this well loved piece of artwork from the people of London is incredibly short sighted and suggests that the council sees no place in our community for art and creative freedom, but only for advertisements with the intention of financial gain.  

Brick Lane has become a World epicentre for street art, which in itself has become one of the most important cultural movements of this century. Thousands of tourists visit the area every week to find pieces like the crane which have been painted with the consent of building owners. They go on to support the local economy by visiting shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and galleries whilst they are in the area. 

We feel that creativity is an important part of our community and whilst advertising is obviously necessary - this is not the place for it. We hope the council will view this as an opportunity to begin working with the creative community rather than against it. In doing so it will be representative of the views of many more of its constituents and ensure that East London remains unique and World renowned artists, such as Banksy, Ben Eine and ROA will continue to work here. 

We therefore ask that Tower Hamlets Council remove the advertising board on Hanbury Street.

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This petition had 1,738 supporters

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