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Total Rush Cycling, Melbourne: Total Rush, stop using naked women to promote your (pink) cycling brand

A few days ago a prominent Melbourne cycling shop, Total Rush, held a launch event featuring naked women for the titillation of their (mostly male) audiences and social media.

The backlash has been swift but rather than using this as an opportunity to open and lead a constructive dialogue about women's cycling, they've chosen to delete any negative Facebook and Twitter comments.  48 hours later, they issued a statement claiming the stunt was "extremely tasteful and not sexually offensive", and yet they continue to delete each and every negative response.

The fact that Total Rush is itself a 'pink' brand, with its own women's cycling team is the ultimate irony.  But they need to know what the colour pink stands for.  Its women, compassion, equality, its breast cancer.  Its not naked women surrounded by leering men.  

Please support women's cycling. Don't allow the continued objectification of women in sport.

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