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Recently, Total Frat Move (TFM) decided to publish an article that comments on the slut shaming endured by activists in Plattsburgh, NY during their annual Take Back the Night. A local fraternity publically harassed the survivors, victims, and allies. The author’s response was to reprimand these men for their “poor form,” which when you consider the men’s insensitivity, is a failed criticism. 

The author of this most recent example of online sexism fails to recognize the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses or the role that Greek organizations play in its continuation. He is writing for an audience that views survivors of sexual assault as sluts who were asking for what they got. He reinforces this mentality by refusing to describe the actions of the Plattsburgh fraternity for what they are: sexual harassment.  

One in four women will experience rape or attempted rape by the time that they complete their college education. The first three months of freshman year are called the “Red Zone,” because young women are most likely to become victims of sexual violence during this time. One in twelve college men say that they forced a woman to have sex against their will.

Total Frat ignores the role that fraternities play in committing sexual assault. Studies show that fraternity men may perpetuate 70-80% of college gang rapes. In 2011, Yale suspended the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity for their public chant “No Means Yes, and Yes Means Anal!”

Although, the author wrote a disclaimer that TFM does not support sexual assault, it is not enough.

We are asking the online community to help us pressure Total Frat into not only issuing an apology for their callous article, but to also publically acknowledge the role that their website’s misogynist culture plays in harming the efforts of college activists. We demand that TFM educates their users on the prevalence of sexual assault.


Letter to
Grandex Inc. Total Frat
Stop perpetuating rape culture on your website, Total Frat! The content on your website as well as your "satirical commentary," creates a community of sexism that not only emboldens sexual assault on college campuses, but also complicates the efforts of college activists who work to make our schools safer.

Your website provides a sexist vocabulary that perpetuates a harmful fraternity culture, which causes violence across the country. For example, your website created the term “slam piece,” which describes a young woman whose purpose is to sexually satisfy a fraternity man.

We specifically demand that you retract your article "Slut Bombs Rain Down on Sexual Assault Awareness March from Fraternity," published on May 1st. This article belittles victims and survivors of sexual assault, and engages in slut shaming.

We also demand that you publish an article that seriously discusses the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses. Also, this article should address what fraternity men can do to help the efforts on their campus.

College activists cannot eradicate sexual assault without the help of every man and woman on our campus. Your website does not aid in these efforts to make college campuses safer.

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