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Unlock the bootloader on the Toshiba Excite line of Tablets

Unlocking the bootloader benefits Android developers and the consumer. First, many apps that developers need to build & sell apps require root access. Locking the bootloader significantly limits the developer community. For the consumer, many apps require root access. For example, full backups of a tablet require root access in the event something goes wrong. An example of such an application is Titanium Backup Pro. Toshiba has advertised the Excite family of tablets as a gaming platform. Playing games can be difficult on a tablet, but using a wireless controller rectifies this situation. Unfortunately, apps like Sixaxis Controller require root to pair controllers with tablets. Another example is IT professionals use tablets to work. Remote computing apps like VNC require root access to function. Without this, these professionals cannot use the Excite to properly perform their job. These are three examples of how the consumer is limited by a locked bootloader, but there are many more examples.

To conclude, locking the bootloader on the Toshiba Excite hurts everyone involved. The consumer is limited in the applications they enjoy, the developer is limited in the applications they can create, and the professional is limited in the job they con perform. In the past, potential customers have petitioned other Android tablet makers to unlock the bootloader. Both HTC and Motorola are examples of companies that have successfully worked with consumers to unlock the bootloader in exchange for voiding the warranty.

This petition to Toshiba is reasonable and fair. Consumers would like to use the full potential of their tablets that they purchased.

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