High Electricity Bill by Torrent Power in Mumbra-Kalwa

High Electricity Bill by Torrent Power in Mumbra-Kalwa

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During this Lockdown we the people of Mumbra-Kalwa, Dist.Thane, Maharashtra received very High Electricity Bill for last three months April , May, June 2020. As per the Electricity Bill delivered by Torrent Power Ltd.this bill is as per the revised Tariff with effect from april 2020.However during this lockdown due to COVID-19 MERC should not have approved the revised tariff with increase in rates per unit, again the way bill is calculated is questionable and there is no satisfied answer given yet.

The Maharashtra Government earlier has announced to give waiver in electricity bill up to 200 units but that is also not happened. We don't understand that how this hand over from MAHAVITRAN (MSEDCL) to TORRENT Power is happened during the lockdown , where all the things are on Hold , staff of Torrent Power Ltd. is unaware with cable lines, hence we the people suffered a lot , numerous time no supply of power, power failure due to numerous reason , if we calculate thoroughly then we did not get power for 2 days in a week that much amount of no power supply happened and instead of all this we got High Bill with revised Tariff. In this lock down people don't have money for their livelihood, no business, no job as many companies have taken the job or no salary paid from couple of months and rather getting some relief,we have a revised tariff for electricity bill.

We pray to Ministry of Energy of Maharashtra State Government and to Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission to kindly Intervene and give us the relief as mentioned below.

1.Kindly wave off 200 units for each month in this lock down , which shall apply to Torrent Power as well.

2.Kindly Canceled the revised Tariff , which was approved for Torrent Power Ltd.

3.Kindly properly investigate Bill calculation process for Torrent Power Ltd.



People of Mumbra Kalwav

(Through Adv.Abdullah Pathan)