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Don't allow the ban on "man spreading" on the bus/train to pass.

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Various people are looking to get the TTC to ban something they call "man spreading" which is a sexist term, and is the simple act of opening your legs. There are a lot more things taking up seats on busses than men opening their legs, such as purses, strollers, back packs and the like.

People should have a common understanding about how much room they are allowed to use on a bus. That should not vary because of their gender, and if they need extra room whether for baggage, carts, walkers, canes, or children they should seek it as a special permission. This sets a very bad precedent as men opening their legs is something we have to do due to our biology. It sometimes can be physically painful for to close our legs and we can't be expected to do so.  We can't force woman to stop breast feeding on busses or trains and we can't force men or women to stop bringing strollers on, why should we force men to close their legs? This is sexism plain and simple and it cannot be passed. My main goal for all of this is that I just want to see something gender neutral. It doesn't have to be all about men, everyone hogs seats. This petition is sponsored by CAFE (Canadian Association for Equality)

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