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CN Tower: DAY AFTER Sochi Closing ceremony, FEB 24, go rainbow #LGBT Equality

End Message:

First of all, I’d like to thank EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart for participating in this petition and in trying to do something about the brutal inhumane discrimination that is happening in Russia. You are truly heroes.


I am extremely disappointed with the response of the CN Tower IR Manager:

“...As we’ve explained in a previous email, the CN Tower lighting is not used for advocacy and therefore we won’t be able to help with your request and please understand this is not a reflection on the merit or importance of your request.  Outside of holidays and citywide events the lighting is primarily for charities and causes...”

When you are in charge of a national landmark, you have political power, or you are a celebrity, you have a responsibility to stand up to bullies. After myself personally e-mailing, phoning, and forcing my way in to meet with the tower IR Manager, I just cannot rationalize why something so easy to implement which would inspire the world is not going to occur.

To quote a London protestor, “If this was about people of colour or about religion, oh there would be a huge human cry, but it’s not. It’s about gay men and women, oh, fuck them, pardon the language folks.”

In addition, for the unexpected birth of baby George of Will and Kate, the CN Tower turned blue that very day to celebrate this. I approve of the event, but I find it unacceptable that the tower lit up for this ASAP (which was cute, but it did not change the world in any way) yet the management is apathetic to marking the significance of the crucial global fight for equality. 

To clarify, the Olympics have and always will be political in their very nature. For reasons why, see this University of Toronto discussion:

And human rights are not political; we all have a moral obligation to protect them in sport and in our daily lives.

Thank you Google and thank you to the few (I say with great respect and disappointment, because I expected a stronger response) athletes who stood alone for what is right.

To quote Stephen Fry, “It’s always three steps forward, two steps back, but in the end you’re still moving forward.”

I wish more people stood up globally.

For now, I will not be a valued customer of the CN Tower for some time. I support organizations that speak out in the face of injustice.


With utmost respect and admiration for those of us that did take a stand,




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