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Toronto Public Health: Maiming and Killing People

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Millions of people in Canada taught all the signs of breathing emergency (drug OD), then trained to give chest compression's. Empower laypersons what they think is a life saving technique they are eager to follow a clinicians instructions assaulting and murdering any breathing emergency patient. Increases mental and physical illness drug use and abuse, dysfunctional society. Grade school science 'How the Heart and Lungs work"

Ministry of Health May 2018 changed the instructions still life threatening any breathing emergency or person still alive.

One of Public Health Ontario training videos 
No rescue breathing, chest compression's only!! https://youtu.be/HqiPJD-0kZ0

See slide 23 NO BREATHS CHEST COMPRESSION'S ONLY https://www.cpso.on.ca/uploadedFiles/members/Meth-conf-POINT-PP.pdf

Leece P; Orkin A.et al ‘Development and implementation of an opioid overdose prevention and response program in Toronto, Ontario.’ CJPH 2013; 104(3)e200-4
My response above article https://jgarythompson.wordpress.com/2016/07/04/response-cjph-20131043e200-4/

Response above My letter ‘Flaws in Toronto’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Program’ EMN 2015; 37(12):31 With hyperlinks to Public Health Ontario’s training literature

'Opioids: clinical use as anesthetic agents' Quote "allowing administration of enormous doses [opioids] intraoperatively when the patient's ventilation is supported mechanically [rescue breathing layperson]"
Response Anaesthesiologist ODs patient usually with Fentanyl [it's short acting] kept alive ventilation's. Awaken stop drug flow keep ventilated [rescue breaths layperson] rarely uses antidote

Jan 9, 2017 Toronto's Mayor John Tory Barbara Yaffe MD MOH Quoted  "Ventilation's (rescue breathing) most important" for any of the hundreds of causes breathing emergency
Chest compression's still being taught!! Read comment box YouTube 

Quote Mayor "When you have a CRISIS...one thing that often stands in the way...different protocols people have...that they have protocols that are well agreed upon...this person didn't tell me that...we have a different system here...this is what causes people to lose their lives quite literally." That's right John compression's only killing any breathing emergency on purpose.  https://youtu.be/_eUqXct3s_E


Correct per all medicine anything less is gross negligence for any breathing emergency Dr. Nicholas Etches Medical Officer of Health for Calgary district http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/895066691568/

April 21, 2017 'Open Dialogue on Vulnerability Preventing and Responding to Drug OD.' The more people trained Ontario's compression's only the more likely these trainers will be assaulted and/or murdered with chest compression's.

50,000 Ontarian's are poisoned each year 28,000 children http://www.sickkids.ca/AboutSickKids/Newsroom/Past-News/2007/50000-Ontarians-are-poisoned-each-year-according-to-the-Ontario-Poison-Centre.html

May I suggest you teach people to save their lives instead of killing them all with chest compression's.

Ontario Pharmacist Association 'How to kill your own Grandma & Mother her own child' https://youtu.be/1a_SRu82jlw 

OPA case report Jake at 7:25 minutes. 4 breaths/min BVM = (rescue breathing ESSENTIAL) then Naloxone. Continue rescue breaths mandatory until next slide 14 breaths/min oximetry 97%

2010 American Heart Association Guidelines Part 12.7: Toxic Ingestions http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/122/18_suppl_3/S829.full#sec-80
“Practically every sign and symptom observed in drug overdose can be produced by natural disease, and many clinical presentations associated with natural disease can be mimicked by some poison.“
Response: Any of the hundreds of causes respiratory emergency can mimic an overdose, rescue breaths ASAP. 2015 AHA guidelines refer you to the 2010 guidelines, suggest everyone follow what 2010 says.

My moderated comments 2015 AHA & ILCOR guidelines 'Opioid Overdose Response Education' https://jgarythompson.wordpress.com/2016/07/06/opioid-overdose-response-education-bls-891/

Drugs nor poisons did not magically change their chemical structure, nor did humans evolve and breathing is no longer necessary.

2015 European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation
Section 4. Cardiac arrest in special circumstances 'Toxins' p.165
Quotes "fewer adverse events when airway opening, oxygen administration and ventilation are carried out before giving naloxone" "Large opioid overdoses may require a total dose of up to 10 mg of naloxone" "In respiratory arrest there is good evidence for the use of naloxone, but not for any other adjuncts or changes in interventions."

Annotated medical info 'Naloxone' and my moderated comments 14-15 http://roguemedic.com/?s=Naloxone

Read comments http://roguemedic.com/2016/12/narcan-by-everyone-does-not-seem-to-be-such-a-good-idea/

Scripture quotes rescue breathing https://aliascpr.wordpress.com/2016/10/23/scripture-rescue-breaths/

Heart & Stroke Foundation Official site read the only moderated comment AliasCPR https://youtu.be/Wy3eEES511E

Dr. Ewy (the world expert chest compression's only) phoned me "Gary don't stop what you are doing"
Quote "Some doctors worry that bystanders can get confused and do only chest compression's in drug-overdose and drowning cases [any asphixia or poisoning etc] NOT TO BE GIVEN TO CHILDREN."
http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2010/01/19/20100119cardiacdoc0119.html Email from Dr. Ewy  https://aliascpr.wordpress.com/2016/06/25/email-dr-gordon-awy/

Complication chest compressions https://jgarythompson.wordpress.com/2016/06/23/complications-chest-compressions/

Aug 28, 2017 more than 700 doctors other health providers signed a letter to Minister of Health et al. about Ontario's overdose crisis. Quote from article "PREVENTING THEM FROM RESPONDING PROPERLY" Chest compressions is increasing morbidity and mortality any respiratory emergency.

Aug 31, 2017 photo those pieces of paper on the doorstep a few of 80,000 copies which are instructions how to increase morbidity and mortality any OD or any respiratory emergency Dr. Eric Hoskins Minister of Health's office doorway.

Your pet eats a poison or drug Veterinarian will give respiratory assist and any antidote, not torture them with chest compression's only. Why would we allow this to our women and children?

It's a mental illness called Anosognosia a severe form of denial. Anosognosia is quite different than simple or temporary denial. It is not simply denial of a problem, but the genuine inability to recognize that the problem exists. Usually this is caused by brain damage and/or FEAR!

Agnotology is the study of culturally induced ignorance or doubt, particularly the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific [medical] data. Agnotology focuses on the deliberate fomenting of ignorance or doubt in society.

Not placing blame, change this protocol for the well being of all. Stop needless suffering Google @GaryCPR more info