TELL TORONTO City Council to Vote to BAN Leaf Blowers

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Next year, City Council will vote on a motion to ban 2-stroke leaf-blowers and similar garden equipment.  In that motion (see link at bottom), it is noted that:

  • pollutants emitted:  1 leaf-blower = 500 cars!
  • produces toxic aerosol (including carcinogenic particulates) that affect breathing and brain development in children
    damages insect species, pollinators and bird populations badly
    harms soil biology
  • kills small animals and insects through suction, and that
    breathing in combustion aerosols and fine particulates compromise those with lung disease and significantly raises the risk of death from COVID-19
  • Further, it is known that leaf blower 2-stroke engines create more pollution per minute than cars and trucks -- shockingly, 30 minutes of leaf-blowing emits into the atmosphere as many greenhouse gases as driving a big pickup truck 6,200 kilometers!
  • Leaf blowers stir up ultra-fine particles from the ground. These microscopic pollutants are known to contribute to lung cancer, heart disease, strokes, asthma and other respiratory ailments.
  • The average leaf blower generates 100-110 decibels. Noise at that level has been demonstrated to cause hearing loss, hypertension, loss of productivity, and can even negatively impact children's cognitive development.

We, the citizens of Toronto, are signing this petition to be delivered to City Council members to urge them to support the motion to BAN THESE MACHINES for the health of Torontonians, our children and our habitat.