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Toronto City Council - Please Appoint Joel MacCallum Councillor for Ward 28 on Nov 2, 2017

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You do not need to live in the Ward 28 to sign, the position represents all of Toronto!

As you may be aware, Ward 28 and all of Toronto have lost a great representative of the people. Pam McConnell passed away in July after serving the people of our city for 35 years.

Ms. McConnell was a tireless force for social justice and equality, and no one would be able to replace her, I would like to put myself forward as your appointed Councillor for her seat.

City Council will use an appointment process to fill the Ward 28 vacancy until the election in October 2018.  I believe that, with your help, and that of fellow Councillors and Ward 28 staff, I could be a steward of her agenda.  Over the next twelve months, I will dedicate myself to the advocacy of the issues and direction Pam pursued.

  • Building more Affordable Housing
  • Tackling Poverty
  • Working to finish Regent Park
  • Building a library in Regent Park
  • Working to properly redevelop St. James town
  • Supporting the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal

My family moved into Ward 28 in 1982. The gift of affordable housing that we were given has had a profound impact on my life. As a small boy, I was introduced to the importance of democracy and community. I learned that raising your hand to volunteer, and to vote, is a cornerstone of building a great community. The unique and diverse communities that make up our ward -Cabbagetown, Corktown, Gooderham & Worts, Regent Park, St James Town, St. Lawrence, Toronto Islands, and the Waterfront- deserve passionate representation.   

I'm sure you have questions about who I am and why I feel I deserve your support.  Being able to grow up in Cabbagetown with affordable, safe housing, gave me tremendous opportunities. Living in a mixed-income co-op, full of people dedicated to building a great community through volunteerism and democratic control, exposed me to knowledge I simply would not have received elsewhere. At a very young age, I began volunteering as well as working at a neighbourhood hardware store.  I held my first management position at 18, and since then, I have coached and mentored hundreds of employees.  I have spent my career building teams- cultivating talent through training and development, knowing that my success would be measured by their successes.  Having worked with all these people has rewarded me with an ability to listen and to identify with people from all walks of life.  I have known success and I've felt failure.  Success is best when your team succeeds, and that team can be at work or in a municipal ward. We must all stand together to facilitate a safer, more efficient Toronto.

Currently, I am President of Hugh Garner Housing Co-operative, Inc.  A well-run Co-op is democracy in action.  I represent the members and the board of directors, and without being able to listen and develop a plan that the members will support, progress and decisions would come to a standstill.  Now maybe that doesn't sound like a city ward, but we actually run on the same democratic system. We govern the co-op the same way council governs the city.  We prepare budgets, work with committees, consult all members, provide services and review financial statements, in our case with a budget of $2.6 Million. 

Our members have just paid off our mortgage, and are transitioning out of our operating agreement with the federal government. We are also gearing up for the largest capital expense project in our history.  Both are impactful changes for our members.  We are re-writing our bylaws due to changes in landlord-tenant regulations, funding subsidy internally, and updating our organizational structure.  I believe that I serve at the pleasure of the members and am thrilled with their support.

As a City Councillor, I will make that same pledge to the residents of Ward 28 and the citizens of Toronto. I will live and breathe that same commitment.  I will listen to our Ward community and the will of all Torontonians.  I will work to identify talented people and great ideas that will build support for our vision for Toronto.

My plan is simple, I will work every day to ensure that I and the Ward 28 office are committed to working with our constituents, to build a better & safer community.  I will reach out to community leaders, business owners, and stakeholders, to ask for ideas to best achieve our goals. I will ask my fellow Councillors to help me engage the resources of this great city, to ensure that we are maximizing our resources.  And I will call upon the Mayor for his guidance, support, and leadership to ensure that we are working towards the best solutions for Toronto!

Thank you in advance for your support!

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