Demand Action frm Food basics MARKHAM/SHEPPARD)encourages racial assault of autistic minor

Demand Action frm Food basics MARKHAM/SHEPPARD)encourages racial assault of autistic minor

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My sister went to the grocery store for milk and eggs and got a whole lot more she didn't deserve. 

At the grocery store entrance, with my young non verbal autistic nephew, cart ready to shop, she enters the store and immediately confrontation ensues.

A white man proceeded to ram his cart into her body and call her son a "dumb **#ger " this continued for several minutes with no one to help .

She yelled for someone  to call the police not a sole helped, she cried to the man to stop and that her son is autistic, he continued. Many shoppers and employees now looking but frozen doing nothing. She calls again looking into the eyes of an employee for help, he didn't even reply to her. At this now lasting several minutes ,causing bruises on her shin an forearms she tries to walk away then he yelled after her "$**ger!" 

Still with no one to help , they called the police on her instead of the person who assaulted her child . A child who cannot speak but few words, living with a disability that separates him from the world , going to the store for treats . A mother who gives everything for her son trying to teach him how to make it in this world.

Defending him against evil was not on the menu, her bruises go much deeper than the surface. And the only blessing in this is that my nephew, under ten years old learned about racism today. Without words he saw his mother struggle and cry, he felt the hate from that man in his tiny body. He knows. 

What we are asking you to do is sign this to create awareness, we want the manager who did nothing and then call the police on my sister to be FIRED. Standing by in silence is no longer an option. Do not shop there , do not support a place that would allow this to happen. 

We want justice in the form of assault charges against the man.

Police have footage and there is a case , we just need more attention.  

Thank you for helping create an anti racist world where all kids can go get ice cream on a hot summer day.