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Toro de la Vega, Tordesillas and Bull "fiestas"


Majority of people in the world do not want cruelty and/or vicious killing committed to animals

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This petition will consist of thee articles describing what could mean bull fiestas/activities for these animals One of them is from newspaper (Spain), other is from “CORREveDILE” (Colombia) describing what the bull goes thru once he is selected to be killed; the third is an article written by Julio Ortega Monk in El Pais Newspaper (Spain) 0n 9/8/2011. My sincere gratitude for all of them.

This kills the Toro de la Vega

Animal Equality recording the last minutes of Muscat, the bull speared to death by fans of Tordesillas 15/09/2009 20:00 MARIÑO Madrid HENRIQUE
While the jury board of the Toro de la Vega was debating whether to give the trophy to the rider who killed Muscat, the concern of several members of Animal Equality Tordesillas was displaced to another: Playing the skin to record the animal's death without the present realized.
"Do not allow anyone to record and to whom they threaten with cameras, media or are people with a simple mobile phone. If you are so proud of its millennial celebration, not suspicion means both the cameras. Basically, they are aware that torture is wrong, "says activist Javier Moreno soon infiltrate the fans to realize the suffering of the bull.
He succeeded. The result is images that accompany this text, vetoed the media scene and the lace is a tournament that is spearing a bull on foot or horseback until his death.
"There were people watching and not exactly peaceful, but we were able to record a strong enough pictures when he drove a spear. Then Sticking it for five minutes and then covered it with a tarp. They could not kill the bull has wallowed and has risen again. It was a prolonged agony, "says Moreno, who makes clear that the underlying problem, rather than its macabre and finally suffered the harassment he was subjected to the animal and, ultimately, his death .
They could not kill him and they had five minutes Sticking
"There will always be suffering. Imagine what that animal can feel when an entire people is chasing him and cornered. Stress, suffering, spears, the lace ... Saying no gets demagogy: the contest images because they speak for themselves, "says Moreno.
With them, Animal Equality seeks to once again generate a debate in society on the exploitation of animals and people to put in place when they are being exploited.
" Not only kill animals in Tordesillas , but also in other places, not just public slaughterhouses, laboratories, farms ...", remember this organization that fights for their rights. "We are killing animals in a systematic and fully accepted. El Toro de la Vega leads to social rejection, true, but do not think the farm closed."
Note: Next 9/13/2011, AFLIGIDO bull will be the next victim to die as “a Toro de la Vega”. We ask to our recipients of this petition to please exercise compassion and mercy to save the life of Afligido.
CORREveDILE. Colombia
Maybe you've heard that bullfighting is an art, but it is not...
It is a Science ...
The Science of Torture
Nothing in the bullfight is genuine, just pain.
24 hours before entering the arena, the bull has been subjected to confinement in the dark so that when released, the light and the screams of terrified spectators and try to escape by jumping the barriers, causing the image to the public that the bull is fierce, but the natural condition of the bull run is NOT attacking.

They cut the horns to protect the bullfighter. Sand bags hang on the neck for hours. He hit in the testicles and kidneys, causing him diarrhea putting sulfates in the water they drink to get it weak and disoriented in the ring. He smeared fat in the eye to hinder his vision and legs produce a substance that prevents you from burning and keep quiet so as not to detract from the performance of the bullfighter.
The horses of the choppers.
Horses are chosen no longer have commercial value, because the animal dies in 3 or 4 runs at most, is very common that the animal suffered multiple rib breaks or is disemboweled.
They put a bib pretending that they are protected, but in reality is that the public does not see the wounds on the horse often with exposure of viscera.
The work of the Chopper
If the matador receives the bull charges energetic orders the chopper to work: It consists of bleeding the bull to weaken it, sticking a spear in his back that destroys muscles (trapezius ,rhomboid, thorny semispinalis, and transverse cervical serratus ) Injured In addition,blood vessels and nerves.
All this so that the matador can provide artistic expression that is supposed to have this show.
A single jab could destroy the bull, so he makes three times "for greater enjoyment of the fans."
The flags
The flags say the bleeding continues, try to put them right in the same place and damaged the metal hooks. Hook moves into the wound with each movement of the bull and the touch of a crutch, the weight of the flags has precisely this function.
Some have a harpoon 8 cm, and are called "punishment" is the key when it has evaded the picador's lance. The flags tear and prolong the deepening of internal injuries. There is no limit to the number of banderillazos: as many as necessary to tear the tissue and skin of the bull.

Demonstrating Valor
The loss of blood and spinal cord injuries prevent the bull rears its head normally, and when the bullfighter can approach.

With the bull near exhaustion, the matador does not care because of the danger and can afford to withdraw from the bull after a pass especially artistic, throwing out his chest and strutting to the applause of the audience.

When the bull reached this pitiful state, the matador enters the ring in a celebration of bravery and machismo, to face a bull, exhausted, dying and confused.

The Sword
The bull is crossed with a sword than 80 cm in length that can destroy the liver, lungs, pleura, etc.. As the place where it enters the body of the animal in fact, when we destroy the great artery, the bullying with massive vomiting of blood.
A time to kill, if the bull run with a little luck, dies of a wound, but not as we think of a stab to the heart if not the sword enters lungs and diaphragm, sometimes a major artery, and hence the bleeding can be seen the muzzle and mouth.
Sometimes drown in his own blood.

Torture continues
The bull, in a desperate attempt to survive, resist falling, painfully and often routed to the door that did go looking for a way out of much abuse and pain.
But then he stabbed in the neck with the crazy, another long sword that ends in a blade of 10 cm. Despite these terrible torments, the animal usually dies right away by his great strength, but eventually dropped, because the sword has been destroying their internal organs.

Masters? Artists? Brave?
Or ignorant, Murderers and Cowards ...
And more ...

The PUNTILLA topped with 10 cm. with trying to sever the spinal cord at the level of the atlas and axis vertebrae.
The bull is so paralyzed, unable even to make movements with the breathing muscles, so it dies of suffocation, often drowned in his own blood, which gushes through the mouth and nose.

The Drag
Do not be indifferent to their pain
Do not be a participant in these events, bullfighting is a cruel tradition denigrates us as human beings.
• Antonio Gala, in 1937 wrote in the Sunday El País a July 30, 1995 an article in which he confessed his "conversion" to bullfighting.
• "Suddenly [the bull] looked at me. With the innocence of all animals in his eyes, but also a supplication. It was the inexplicable claim against injustice, the appeal against the unnecessary cruelty

"The commiseration with the animals is intimately connected with goodness of character, so that we can say that he who is cruel to animals cannot be good person"
Only psychopaths enjoy the suffering of others, are you one? Think! Does! this is a tradition that should continue.
How can you help?
• Do not attend bullfights
• Do not support politicians, artists and media partners to this barbaric
• Do not consume products from companies that sponsor
• And most importantly ... Teach your children respect for living things

EL PAIS (SPAIN). Shame avoidable
I guess they do not care what we say about the Toro de la Vega. Penetrates more easily than the steel in the flesh of a bull that rejecting violence in their moral callous. What paste are made politicians of Tordesillas and the Castile-Leon? You really do not moved the bull chased, cornered, scared, hurt and killed in the name of a tradition bearer of a primitive savagery?
Yes, I know it's business and perhaps a few votes. But are these sufficient reasons to grant dignity to the letter of cruelty to a living being? Each euro, each ballot won by the right, and I doubt whether many, imprinted with blood the shame of our children discover that torture can be admitted as an exception. The Penal Code prohibits torture animals but provides exceptions as the Toro de la Vega. Torment is torment forever. Do it to a bull at parties does not diminish the cruelty act.
What most angers me is that these politicians are aware that before long this terrible practice will be eradicated by law. This has happened with other similar aberrations in Spain and that is the trend. What hope then to end it? I started counting every second Tuesday of September as one since abolished such an atrocity. Enough bull pierced by spears. Progress is not about that and as managers in the service of citizens who are should agree.
If you know, if you do not enjoy the agony and bleeding that poor animal, then, be bold and act accordingly. But they do now.

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