Mo Dao Zu Shi English Official Paperback

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The popular Chinese webnovel called Mo Dao Zu Shi (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) which is found on site jjwxc (online web novel platform) needs an English Official Paperback! It already has a Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese official paperback, and a Russian official paperback about to released. There is no Official English translation, yet the English fandom is quite huge and diverse and desperately waiting for one.

The novel is so popular, it has expanded into an animation, live action drama, game, audiobook and audio drama. I, myself have consumed so many of the different adaptions and still haven't gotten over the novel!

The novel and its various adaptions have been applauded and loved by many fans and more!!

It includes themes such as supernatural, necromancy, adventure, cultivation fantasy, ancient China, found family and lgtbq. It is definitely worth a read for mature audiences!

One being contact with jjwxc holds the sole copyright for the novel (unfortunately the author cannot be contacted) and the licence to publish an English copy can be bought by a publishing house/company only.

So I am humbly requesting on behalf of the English fandom, for Tor Books and Macmillant publisher help us as they have shown interest in the novel! A humble request to other publishers such as Simon and Schuster,  Harper Collins, Bloomsbury, Titan Books etc also help us achieve this goal of official English paperback with world wide availability, as the paperback will give us a physical book to cherish, support the story & author and help in spreading the word & gaining new fans.

Thank you