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Topeka, KS: Reinstate Funding for Domestic Violence Law Prosecutions!

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This is WHY Topeka Kansas 'Decriminalized Domestic Violence" within the City. LACK OF FUNDING!  We Demand that Funding be restored so that Domestic Violence will be Prosecuted in Topeka, Kansas.

Domestic Violence Victims Need Justice Now!

"A Victims First Scream is for Help; A Victims Second Scream is For Justice." 


The Shawnee County Commission needs to make the ‘Safety’ of Domestic Violence Victims a ‘priority' and get adequate funding in place for the prosecution of Domestic Violence case's and seek Justice for Victims.

1. Shawnee County Commissioners Cut the District Attorney’s office funding by 10%. (After there was a request for an increase due to the high crime rate).

2. Shawnee County District Attorney as a result of the Budget Cuts was forced to place all Misdemeanors including Domestic Violence charges on the City of Topeka Court.

3. The City of Topeka, did not want to pay to do 'Domestic Violence' cases (Although quite capable)

4. The Topeka City Council, City Manager and Mayor then caused a national outrage by 'Decriminalizing Domestic Violence' and repealing the ban on Domestic Violence within the city limits so that they would not be jurisdiction.

5. Thereby forcing the Shawnee County District Attorney to 'review' the Domestic Violence Cases, as a State law.

6. Since the City of Topeka, 'Decriminalized' Domestic Violence, the Shawnee County District Attorney of course is now forced to review these cases. (Although the DA's Office does not have sufficient funding and in fact suffered a 10% budget cut)

7. The Shawnee County Commissioner's still have not provided adequate funding for District Attorney.

8. District Attorney is now forced to lay off 17% of his staff effective December 23, 2011.



The District Attorney's Office is underfunded, under staffed (unlike the City of Topeka) and still only the most severe crimes will ever make it to trial with most pleading out to avoid cost of trial.

Domestic Violence Cases - will remain completely without consequence to batterers. At best they will be plead out to 1.) disorderly conduct or 2.) destruction of personal property. To get them out of the system quickly so that what remaining resources can be used for higher level crimes of felony.

The City of Topeka has ‘repealed’ the ban on Domestic Violence so victims no longer have the City of Topeka Court as an option to fall back on.

Currently, Domestic Violence Victims now have a better chance of winning the lottery, than having the crimes committed against them ever be prosecuted and Justice still remains denied.

We strongly urge the Shawnee County Commissioners: Shelly Buhler, Ted Ensley and Mary M. Thomas to make ‘Safety’ a priority and act swiftly to provide adequate funding for all crimes, especially the crime of Domestic Violence in Topeka, KS.


Jan. 6: Shawnee County Commission Chairwoman Shelly Buhler asks county elected officials and appointed department heads to review their 2011 general fund budgets and prioritize cuts if they had to reduce planned expenditures by as much as 10 percent. District Attorney Chad Taylor instead submits a letter saying cuts would impair his office’s ability to perform its statutory duties.
Aug. 18: Commissioners vote to tentatively reduce 12 separate county budget line items by 10 percent or more, including cutting the district attorney’s budget for 2012 by 10 percent, or $347,765, from its 2011 amount of $3,477,651.
Aug. 21: Taylor says a 10 percent cut would force his office to stop prosecuting misdemeanors occurring within city limits, referring them to Topeka Municipal Court.
Aug. 25: Commissioners finalize a 2012 county budget that includes the 10 percent cut to the D.A.’s budget.
Sept. 8: Taylor announces he no longer will prosecute misdemeanors committed in Topeka, including domestic battery, saying the city attorney’s office should prosecute those cases. Interm city manager Dan Stanley says the city is unprepared to do so.
Sept. 15: Taylor and Stanley begin meeting to discuss how to ensure the efficient prosecution of city misdemeanors.
Sept. 20: Stanley provides the city council potential options. Those include repealing the city ordinance banning domestic battery, which the city attorney’s office says would force Taylor’s office to begin prosecuting domestic batteries committed in Topeka.
Sept. 30: District attorney’s spokesman Dakota Loomis confirms Taylor offered the city a settlement through which he would review for prosecution all state statute misdemeanors committed in Topeka if the city made a one-time payment of $350,000 to his office.
Oct. 11: The city council repeals the city ordinance ‘banning’ domestic battery within the City..
October 12: District Attorney takes Domestic violence that were decriminalized by the City.
October 12: District Attorney forced to lay off 17% of Staff
October 14: Shawnee County Commission still has not provided adequate funds or even reinstated the funds cuts.


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