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Legalize Mini Pigs! Topeka

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Help to amend Topeka’s Animal Ordinance that outlaws mini-pigs within the city limits.

We the undersigned:
1. Oppose the ordinance, section 6.35.030 Swine Prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to rear or keep any swine in the city. (Code 1981 § 8-103. Code 1995 § 18-263.)
2. Recommend the City of Topeka review and revise the animal ordinance to allow swine within the city limits with certain restrictions as deemed appropriate by the city.


The following is a letter from the American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates as posted on the American Mini Pig Association website. 

"The American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and advocating for pet mini pigs. Unfortunately, there has been a huge increase of pet pigs losing their
homes due to outdated zoning ordinances. We ask you to join the many cities across the nation that
have updated these ordinances to reflect the pet market of today while reducing unnecessary
displacement and abandonment of pet mini pigs.
Many city ordinances across the nation were written prior to 1986 when Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs were first sold into the pet market in the United States. These original potbelly pigs averaged 250 pounds
which were comparatively miniature to the 600-1,500 pound domestic swine that are raised as livestock. Today’s mini pigs, as recognized and registered by the American Mini Pig Association, are a mix of
several smaller breeds. These mixed mini pigs are referred to as American Mini Pigs, averaging 12-18
inches in height and 50 to 150 lbs. at maturity. These pet pigs have different temperament, genetics,
size, and purpose from the large commercial farm pigs. American Mini Pigs are housed as pet animals,
just like a dog or cat. They receive the same standard of veterinary care, training, healthy foods, and
comfortable accommodations. Mini pigs often accompany their families on vacations or shopping trips. If your city has any questions or concerns regarding allowing mini pigs as pets in your zoning ordinances, please contact us. We would be glad to help dispel the many myths and misconceptions of these
wonderful pets.
Thank you for your consideration,
Stephanie Matlock
American Mini Pig Rescue, President"

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