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Decriminalize Marijuana, Not Domestic Violence

In early September, officials in Shawnee County, Kansas, announced that due to budget constraints, they would stop prosecuting misdemeanor domestic violence cases. This resulted in many domestic violence cases being dismissed without prosecution throughout the county. Also, a flood of such cases is being sent to the Topeka legal system instead.

Topeka is in just as dire economic straits as the county in which it resides. After determining that they could not afford to prosecute these cases either, the city council is now considering a series of proposals to cut expenses from the budget. One of those is removing the portion of the city code criminalizing domestic battery. Adding insult to injury, literally, they’ve chosen Domestic Violence Awareness Month to have this discussion.

Can’t these city council members think of something less vile, hurtful, and dangerous to both individuals and society than domestic abuse to decriminalize?

Decriminalize marijuana to save money and protect your citizens from domestic violence.

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  • Topeka City Council
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    Denise Everhart
  • Topeka City Council Member
    Richard Harmon
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    Sylvia Ortiz
  • Deputy Mayor
    John Alcala
  • Topeka City Council Member
    Karen Hiller
  • Topeka City Council Member
    Andrew Gray
  • Topeka City Council Member
    Bob Archer
  • Topeka City Council Member
    Chad Manspeaker
  • Topeka City Council Member
    Larry Wolgast

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