Prohibit The Sale Of Companion Animals At Pets Galore Toowoomba

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Pets Galore in Toowoomba is a reasonably sized pet store in Toowoomba that operates questionably. Enclosures for animals appear unkempt and inadequate for the species within them. Many of the animals appear ill and of poor mind, and many of them seem to spend a substantial time instore in abhorrent conditions before they are bought, or given away as they are no longer 'desirable' as adults. Many times management has been approached about the standards instore, but it seems they either ignore the facts, or just don't care about the welfare of the animals. It is widely acknowledged that Pets Galore have people in high places, and have on many occasions been alerted of RSPCA or media involvement, in order to present a pretty picture for the camerathat is far from the everyday norm. Our aim is to prohibit the sale of companion animals at Pets Galore, and save the welfare of any current animals already there. We encourage Pets Galore to become a pet produce store only. After many years of complaints against Pets Galore on social media, internet forums, and witnessing awful conditions and sharing them as a community concerned for animal welfare, they should not be given any more chances to change their ways regarding the sale of companion animals.