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Return to previous DoorDash Pay Model.

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The new pay model amounts to a brutal paycut.  It plunges full-time Dashers into poverty.  Dashers are driving their own car for a poverty wage with NO benefits or reimbursements.   Dashers are losing on average $300-$400 a month in income with the new pay model. We understand the need to pick up ALL orders, but by slashing medium and large orders Dashers end up losing way too much.  Dashers across the US agree that we need to return to the old pay model that paid $5 plus tips.  To improve transparency Dashers must be able to see the tips upfront.  There are many ways to solve the small order dilemma.  Solutions include batching them together or giving a monthly bonus/perk to pick them up.  Taking away from medium and large orders to make small orders appealing is not the answer.  GrubHub is a profitable publicly traded company and is completely transparent.  They pay their contractors $5 plus tips (they also SHOW the tips upfront.)  It's time DoorDash does the SAME.   With better technology, restaurant selection, and service DoorDash has the potential to beat all their competitors.  By signing this petition you hereby support lifting the hard working men and women out of poverty by returning to the original pay model (and showing the total amount to be earned before accepting the job).  This will boost morale and  will enable Dashers to continue to provide excellent customer service while being able to afford to live in the greatest country of all: The United States of America.  

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