PPS must follow through on Equity Commitment to students of color and KairosPDX

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Kairos Learning Academy is a Portland Public School (PPS) approved K-5 Charter School focused on closing Portland’s persistent achievement gap in measurable and sustainable ways through innovative STEM instruction, service learning, community collaboration, and family partnership.  We are redefining what is possible for low income children and children of color. PPS EQUITY ISSUE NEEDING YOUR IMMEDIATE ADVOCACY Kairos is outgrowing our space and in need of a short-term solution. Less than 1 mile away is the District's vacant Humboldt School building. This coming school year will be the 5th straight year the building has sat vacant. RIGHT NOW - THIS WEEK the District can choose to act on its educational equity commitment to its own students of color. (PPS Racial Equity Educational Policy)   However, PPS practice is to not provide space for charter school students - Kairos students are PPS students. ---  We urge the District to rethink their facilities practice through an equity lens and invite Kairos Learning Academy into Humboldt, at actual operating cost, so as not to create a cost burden. We understand it's policy to charge rent for outside entities, but we are not one. Kairos students are PPS students. If the PPS Board of Education is serious about their equity pledge to provide underserved students with multiple pathways to culturally appropriate, equitable, high-quality education; the District must provide facilities to the charter schools they authorized to help them accomplish these goals. Please sign this petition now to support KairosPDX ------------------------- PPS RACIAL EDUCATIONAL EQUITY POLICY (excerpt) "Portland Public Schools’ historic, persistent achievement gap between White students and students of color is unacceptable. While efforts have been made to address the inequities between White students and students of color, these efforts have been largely unsuccessful… for every year that we have data, White students have clearly outperformed Black, Hispanic and Native American students on state assessments in every subject at every grade level.” To remedy these unacceptable disparities, the Board has committed to: "1. Provide every student with equitable access to high quality and culturally relevant instruction, curriculum, support, facilities and other educational resources, even when this means differentiating resources to accomplish this goal. 2. Create multiple pathways to success in order to meet the needs of our diverse students." SIGN THE PETITION NOW!!!!!                

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